Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 years of blogging and 1 million strong

10 years ago I sat down at the computer in my basement apartment (yes, the one with the subtle gas-leak) and decided to start an experiment that became a dumping ground for some of best and worst writing I have done.

For a decade I used this awful excuse for a website as a place to show off and play around thinking no one was going to actually read anything or care about what I was doing.

Well, you all proved me wrong.

In 10 years more than 1 million of you have visited, read and commented on the stories and tall tales I have posted on this site. In the grand scheme of things that is not really an impressive stat for those websites that attract more than 1 million people in an hour each day. But for a no-named schmuck from the middle of fly-over country — that's kind of cool.

I know there have been a lot of lapses in consistency when it comes to how often I maintained and checked in with this site. But that was because I got a little busy with graduating college (and grad school) getting a job, moving, growing up, getting married, getting another job, moving again, becoming a father and so, so much more that makes that last 10 years seem like a blur.

While the posts were never consistent and the themes of this blog varied wildly, the one thing you know you can count on is terrible, terrible spelling mistakes - so you got that going for you as a reader.

So, here we are writing about our 10 year anniversary and planning for my daughter's first birthday. My hope is to get back into blogging with you fine folks more often. I want to get back into the daily and weekly rhythm of not just posting for vanity's sake, but to get back into writing and being ridiculous on a regular basis.

However, as you can see from above, I have my hands a little full at the moment.