Monday, August 12, 2013

MCC: leading the community college revolution.

MCC this was not so much a marketing department idea. Rather, this was conceived and written by MCC-Penn Valley student Bro.

It really drives home the well-worn idea that success is not something that is won by a single action or single person. Success is won by entire cities, families and people who are committed to the idea that education is the key to lifting any community.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The newest Lee's Summit Arts Council member

LEGO Brick Factor KC 2012

That's right, cats and kittens!

Lee's Summit Mayor Randy Rhodes and the City Council appointed me to the Lee's Summit Arts Council. Above, you can see Rob The Lobster—one of my many artistic talents.

All joking aside, I am honored and excited to work with this group. It is my first big step into working with Lee's Summit and City Hall. In talking with my friend who helped me submit my name for consideration, he says this council is incredibly diverse and very active in the activities and programs they oversee throughout the city. In working with MCC I have seen the council's work first-hand as they have been long-time supporters of the MCC-Longview Kite Festival, Longview Arts Festival and Longview Literary Festival.

Along with many sponsored events, the council also works with artists and art organizations to advocate for their work in the many different venues around Lee's Summit.

This week I will be sitting down with Parks and Rec. folks to get my official orientation into my first major board appointment and what my one-year term will entail.

Aug. 13 is our first meeting and hopefully, if we are sans baby, I will be able to make the meeting and start working with this group.