Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from the Cubicle Farm

When The Empire has a casual dress policy, this Storm Trooper takes it seriously...

"Droids? Let me tell you a story about some droids I was looking for once..."

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You're still here?


Oh, hey. I did not know anyone had stuck around. I guess I kind of left you all in a lurch seeing as my last post was just a giant GIF vomit before we headed to the hospital.

Yep. The Librarian and I had a baby. And she is most awesome thing ever.


The photo of me holding my daughter in the hospital seems like an eternity ago, but it just happened back in August. Now two-and-half months into this whole Fatherhood gambit and I feel like we are starting to get into a rhythm.


Granted, I keep saying that and then my daughter will throw us a curveball that makes The Librarian and I question everything we have been doing as parents.

Still, like everything else in my life, I am perfectly comfortable just blundering my way through parenthood making things up as I go and pretending that all the good things that happen are planned that way.

At least this is what I will tell my daughter when she gets older.

Monday, August 12, 2013

MCC: leading the community college revolution.

MCC this was not so much a marketing department idea. Rather, this was conceived and written by MCC-Penn Valley student Bro.

It really drives home the well-worn idea that success is not something that is won by a single action or single person. Success is won by entire cities, families and people who are committed to the idea that education is the key to lifting any community.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The newest Lee's Summit Arts Council member

LEGO Brick Factor KC 2012

That's right, cats and kittens!

Lee's Summit Mayor Randy Rhodes and the City Council appointed me to the Lee's Summit Arts Council. Above, you can see Rob The Lobster—one of my many artistic talents.

All joking aside, I am honored and excited to work with this group. It is my first big step into working with Lee's Summit and City Hall. In talking with my friend who helped me submit my name for consideration, he says this council is incredibly diverse and very active in the activities and programs they oversee throughout the city. In working with MCC I have seen the council's work first-hand as they have been long-time supporters of the MCC-Longview Kite Festival, Longview Arts Festival and Longview Literary Festival.

Along with many sponsored events, the council also works with artists and art organizations to advocate for their work in the many different venues around Lee's Summit.

This week I will be sitting down with Parks and Rec. folks to get my official orientation into my first major board appointment and what my one-year term will entail.

Aug. 13 is our first meeting and hopefully, if we are sans baby, I will be able to make the meeting and start working with this group.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Testing the Ergobaby

Testing the Ergobaby.

Cat tested. Father approved.

Swayer seemed to enjoy the perch and only jumped out when the dog started getting jealous and whining.

I'm 6'4" and nearly 300 lbs. and the Ergobaby fits nicely around my body. Even with the cat I felt pretty secure and he did not move at all.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fezzes and Fedoras are cool.

Doctors Who

My cousin's kid decided that he wanted to have a Doctor Who-themed birthday party. Of course, I had to come dressed as one of my favorite Doctors. Even though he and his younger brother were the only ones who recognized who I was supposed to be, it was still a great time.

This was also a prime example of how my family will plan theme parties and invite everyone to dress up and then I end up arriving as the only adult in costume.

Epic Fail, family... Epic...Fail...

With two Doctors at one party, things got a little wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pre-natal nerd

I know there are a few of you who don't follow every amazing project I lovingly hand-craft and post to the Interweb. Hell, I'm pretty sure I have close family that only pop in here from time to time to make sure I am still alive...

So, I'm sure some of you might have missed this gem of an update from my other amazing web project 40 Weeks To Fatherhood.

Boom! Nerd vomit all over this Baby's Room.

Space-themed baby nursery

The Librarian and I decided that while we are going to love our daughter we are not going inundate her with pink and princesses and other gender-specific decoration. Instead, as two educated (read: nerdy) individuals, we thought that Space and Space Travel was a much more suitable theme for our future little scientist/astronaut/engineer.

Sure, this might seem like a very science-oriented theme choice, but what other science has inspired more literature, art, poetry and introspection than outer-space?

And so with the AstroMonkey sheets in hand, we set out to design and create a whole solar system right in Elliott's room.

Space-themed baby nursery

I designed the planet using Illustrator and had our printshop at work print them out on vinyl wall cling paper. We are now on the hunt for a TARDIS, Enterprise and X-Wings to fill in some of the holes.

The Librarian, designed and hand-painted the letters over the crib. She then painted each with a star and added some glitter before applying a clear glossy coat to make the whole thing shine. It's like each letter has its own galaxy.

Space-themed baby nursery

The whole room is putting a definite reality to my wife's pregnancy. It is almost here. And, starting today all our Baby-Doc appointments are now weekly... One month until the big day.

Of course, Indiana is excited...

Space-themed baby nursery

Yes, dog, we can see Uranus...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Who let the dogs out? Who let them crazy muts gooooo!

I took the work camera home over the weekend for a couple of events that I thought might require something a little more than the Sony Point-and-Shoot.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Sony DSC-H10. Sometimes, though, you just need a camera with a little more "lens."

 Indiana June 2013

This is Indian after demolishing a stick she found in the yard. Happy puppy. I was trying to focus in on her eyes, but she kept moving so I mostly got her nose in focus and her eyes are a bit blurred.

Hudson was a bit more cooperative.


Not by much, but still a little calmer during his photo shoot.

Of course, while my brother is not a pet of mine, he does looks like a dog who just discovered the front gate was left open.

Geoff Ekey and the KC Royals Pop Fly Challenge

He was part of the KC Royals Pop Fly Challenge before Friday's game. They put him out in right field and lobbed a few balls at him. He caught all three and won a $25 gift certificate for the Royals team store — which might buy him a hat or keychain.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

One year down


One year ago today I — and about 40 of my closest friends and family — were gathering in a small chapel outside the casino of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

We had already spent the last 24 hours drinking and celebrating everything that was leading up to this moment.

When soon-to-be- wife walked into the chapel I knew, from that moment, that she and I were starting a whole new adventure with one another.

A new job
New friends
New house
New degrees
New dog
A baby...

And that is all just in the first year.

Unlike most traditional weddings, we did not have a cake where we could save a piece for our anniversary. Instead, we save the chocolate bars the MGM Grand gave after the wedding and broke off a couple of pieces for breakfast.

If our first year as husband and wife is setting the pace of the rest of our life together, then year two is going to be circus.

Get ready. Because with my best friend by my side, we are just getting started here.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Congratulations graduates

Grab your tissues, this one gets a little poignant.

I wrote the scripts and did the VO for this commercial. Matt once again knocked it out of the park with his video skills at graduation.

You should be seeing these air along side the current crop of commercials we did last month.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New Commercials

New MCC commercials have hit the airwaves.

Of course, unless you are sitting at home during the day watching TV, then you probably have not seen them. I think I am starting to get the hang of this voiceover stuff. Watch out Billy West!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Support STRIPES and mock me in the same night!

My wife has said on several occasion that she is glad she did not know me in college. I made a lot of ... questionable decisions that I can now look at as learning experiences. You know, the hidden curriculum of higher education.

Despite what The Wife might think, not all of my time in college was spent in some bizarre Hunter S. Thompson-esq haze while I struggled to keep my grades at a respectable "barely passing."

For four years I was heavily involved with the STRIPES sober-driver program. A lot of my Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights were spent working at the STRIPES house or driving students home. Volunteering for this program, and eventually being elected its director, was probably one of the most rewarding things I did while in college.

There is so much about the program that I know still has an influence on the professional work I do today.

Recently, I was asked to give the keynote speech at the annual STRIPES Gala fundraiser and I have to say I am both pumped and terrified to do this.

Team, just let it sink in, I have been invited by an organization to give a speech... like an adult... for a fundraiser.

Now, it's not the actual speech part that has me scared. I have given speeches and spoken publicly. I just have NO IDEA what to say to this group.

I could talk about my time at STRIPES and wax poetically about the good times and the way things used to be... but that is not really very inspiring to a group of college students who have probably changed and grown this program since I left.

I could talk about how important STRIPES is to the community and how as volunteers they are building valuable leadership skills that will help them when they gradua.....zzzzzzzzzz....

Maybe I could just do 30 minutes of celebrity impressions?

Aw hell! I have got to figure this out...

If you are free the weekend of April 13, I would really appreciate you coming. Yes, YOU are invited. You can request to be at my table and make sure that I don't drink too much before heading to the lectern.

Download the invitation and send it in or make a donation to this amazing program.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You might recognize that voice.

The old Metropolitan Community College has released a series of awesome ads for the Business and Technology campus and its Career Exploration Nights.

Now, I will say up front, I had nothing to do with the creation, shooting and editing of the ads - aside from the voice over work at the end. Still, I wanted to feature them here because I think they are pretty damn cool.

We always try to feature students, but those can come off as canned or stilted... Matt, our new-ish video producer did a great job keeping the interviews authentic and interesting. Not to mention the video just looks stunning with the lighting and camera work.

Anyway, we released a whole series of these that you can find here.

Friday, March 01, 2013

A moment that sums up so much

I had stopped at our neighborhood grocery store on my way home from work. While I walked through the parking lot with a bag full of fruit, ice cream and pickles for the pregnant wife at home when I ran into the local newspaper publisher.

I have known John since 2006 when I took my first newspaper job and he has popped in and out of my life ever since. We talked snow, city council and the new Walmart development in town.

We then shook hand and said we need to catch up over lunch soon. I hopped into my car and headed home wife.

So much going on in that one moment.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow day pictures 2013

Indiana in the snow


Indiana was loving the foot of snow that fell in our backyard. The little black dog with a brown butt shows up quite well against the snow.


Bounding, bounding, bounding in the snow.

Indiana in the snow

The snow itself was up to her chest, which means she is bouncing to move around in the yard. This also means she has decided to pee and poop on my deck. Damnit.

Lee's Summit Snow

The (MU?) birdhouse left over from the previous owners has been a nice measure of how much snow we received in the last couple of days.