Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Parade of Nations

Everyone has their own traditions. I am glad I was lucky enough to be introduced to this new tradition: The Parade of Beer Nations.

Our version of the parade of nations. #Olympics #USA!

That's right, as each nation walks into the Olympic stadium in the UK, we all pass around a six pack of beer from that country parading on screen. It's like a fun speed tasting of beer from around the world. In all we sped through about 20 different beers.

It is also a stark reminder that some countries (I am looking at you China and France) are just TERRIBLE at brewing beer. The consensus was the Austrian beer (a grapefruit wheat beer) and the U.S. beer (Free State Stout) were the favorites of the night. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VIDEO: Nick Offerman is my hero

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Nick Offerman. Oh, I have? Well, allow me to once again state it.

Here he is taking a few huge bong rips with his wife Megan Mullally and Community/Mad Men's Alison Bree while he promotes his new movie. That Offerman, fellow can really multitask.

Of course, it is also almost as funny as Offerman reading tweets from teen popstar.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chick-Fil-A is crap

Folks, let's all take a collective breath before we begin tripping over ourselves as we condemn Chick-Fil-A for being disgustingly evil when it comes to its politics. 

Chick-Fil-A made no bones about what kind of an organization they were when they would close up shop on Sundays so we might all honor The Lord in our own non-chicken-eating ways. They also were pretty brazen about only hiring "Christian, values driven Americans"(1)

When I was working at Ye Old Paragraph Factory in 2007, I covered the opening of the Olathe Chick-Fil-A as a feature for the business section. Mind you, this opening included a DJ, an all-night campout and all the free gross bits of lamp-warmed chicken you could eat.

There was no secret back then that Chick-Fil-A took a less than liberal stance on tolerance and equality.  But, holy hell, that did not matter to the crowd of people in Olathe that summer night.

I will admit that I have no master taste when it comes to chicken... but I will never see the reason why so many people get so rabid about greasy chicken and pickles on a bun.

I'll say it: The food there sucks. Chick-Fil-A sucks.

While I am at it, Backyard Burger and Culver's food is also crap.

You heard me!

(1) Actual words on their employment application at the Olathe, KS, store.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A conversation worth having about gun policy

When the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and sank into the Gulf of Mexico, it did not take long for people to begin publicly questioning our drilling policies and regulations. When the Sago Mine exploded killing 13, everyone jumped to addresses the failures in safety mechanisms at the mine. But when dozens of people are killed or injured in a horrific shooting in a Colorado theater, or even a congresswoman from Arizona and others gunned down at a public events, everyone wants to stifle the conversation about what is responsible gun policy in this country.

Even when I tried to ask the question among friends, I had a finger wagged in my face accusing me of "politicizing" the tragedy.

But isn't this a discussion worth having?

The crux of my argument does not lie in some talking point about banning all guns for the safety of society. It lies in the idea that most of the people screaming into the night about the Second Amendment are rarely the people who, I think, would be willing to deal with the real fact that they are advocating that they should be able to kill another human being.

Buying a gun and declaring that you will carry it with you at all times is not just a line being drawn in the sand of constitutional fights. It is declaration that you, the gun owner and carrier, are willing to kill another person when push comes to shove.

And if you do not think that killing another human being would not alter you to the core, then we truly have a disconnect in the on-going debate about gun control.

I feel the debate being had in this country would be completely different if the people in the pro-gun position of this argument could honestly answer the question "Are you OK with the fact that you might kill another human?"

Even the people we train to professionally kill other people are having a tough time dealing with that responsibility. This is not a weakness or a flaw. It's just a human trait.

Asking these questions and hoping we can fix a problem staring us in the face is not disrespectful to those who died in Colorado. It makes their tragedy a moment that could possibly shape us into a better country and move forward while honoring them.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Back in action and posting photos like a fool

Siesta Key.

Florida was fantastic, getting back to work... not so much. But we won't bore you with the detials of what happened at ye old (jr) varsity.

Instead, check out this kickin' vacation photos from Florida!

Powdery white beaches with crystal clear water and enough Old Crow bourbon to keep me nice and sauced for an entire week of fun in the sun.

There were many highlights. Like feeding the Flamingos.

Feeding the Flamingos!

A sunset boat ride in the Gulf of Mexico.

Siesta Key Sunset


Wading out into the Gulf

Fireworks on the beach.

4th of July on Siesta Key

Parasailing and jet skis.

Parasailing at Siesta Key

And hanging out with this little lady.

Sunset cruise

All-in-all Sarasota was a hell of a vacation and we are definitely planning to return sometime in the future.