Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh, hai! Mike and The Librarian are not in right now...

Oh hai!

I am a Manatee, also known as a Sea Cow... but don't bring up the whole weight thing, some of us are a bit sensitive.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello for myself and good-bye for Mike and The Librarian. You see, in their haste to get out this Fire-Kissed Hell-scape known as Kansas City, they did a pretty piss-poor job of letting everyone around them know they were leaving town for a week and a half for their Honeymoon/Vacation...

Yeah, I know, pretty awesome, right?

They will be kicking it Bayside Summer style on the sugar-fine sands of... Oh, well, I probably should not actually tell you where they are going... god knows they don't want the unwashed masses of this blog tracking them down and ... well, you're The Internet... you understand.

So, while I assume they will be doing nothing for 13 days. Except for this:

I am, still, going to have to respectfully ask everyone here to Back The F--- Off.

Do we have an understanding? Don't make me swim up there and flipper the crap out of you... I will. Excellent. In the meantime I am sure we can be good friends for the next 13 days just fine...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Robster lives in Australia

As many of you might remember, Robster the Rock Lobster was one of my LEGO creations when I competed in the LEGO Master Builder Competition back in January.

Robster then made his way to the big LEGO/Aquarium display in the Crown Center shopping mall.

Now he is living it up on the coast of New Years Island in Australia... sort of.

Google and LEGO teamed up to create an awesome online drafting program that lets you play with LEGO bricks from the comfort of your computer screen at work. The added bonus is that the plots you build on are based on ral locations in Australia and New Zealand (Gizmodo says they will be expanding to other locations as the project catches on).

The 32-stud plot and limited lego selection might seem like a buzz-kill, but it actually forces you to be a bit more creative in the e-building process.

Give it whirl and try it out. It's not like you are actually doing anything at work anyway...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

AMC Mainstreet takes ball, goes home.

Things got a bit tense last night at the AMC Mainstreet.

The wife and I had heard Wednesday night was going to be the last night the AMC and the Marquee bar would be open. So, we decided we should head down for one last drink. It had been our movie house for the last couple of years. It was just down the street from our apartment and was a great place to go while downtown, but you were still just far enough away from the P&L douchbags that you never felt crowded. Plus, free live swing music and dance lessons!

The Wife and I also had a couple of friends that worked the theater and the bar and we knew they would be working that night, too.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am excited that the spot will become an Alamo Drafthouse. I had been to their Austin, Texas, location before and was blown away by the whole experience there. I can only imagine what kind of movies and programming they will bring to downtown KC for a couple of cinefiles like The Wife and I.

It also turns out that Alamo had already been in touch with staff at the Marquee and had offered to keep most all of the current staff on board as they make the transition in the next couple weeks to the Chsterfield (the new bar name).

Good on you Alamo!

Hearing that news, I figured there would be a bit more of a welcoming vibe on the final night. However, our overly dramatic memorial service for a theater bar was cut short when AMC managers blocked us as the door and told us they were closing even earlier than anticipated that night. The kitchen staff had started refusing food orders and a number of other staff members were just abandoning their posts on the final night. They seemed pretty determined to not give us our final drink at the bar.

Despite what this foul blog might portray, I am not a complete idiot. I know AMC is looking out for its bottom dollar. Money is what has driven its most recent decisions, not community. Still, I can't be the only one who has a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth following the past couple of month's worth of decisions by AMC. The new powers that be at AMC will have a big assignment for its new PR folks.

Oh well, not a whole lot of love lost on the AMC front, I suppose. I am little peeved that I just renewed my Stubs Card. This means I now have to head to the suburbs to redeem whatever points I have remaining.

UPDATE: (For a bit of perspective) If the fact that my biggest complaint in life is that some international company has closed down my local theater chain and bar, then I think I have to follow this post with a #FirstWorldProblems tag — yeah, that seems about right.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vegas Wedding Weekend, Part III

I swear this will be the last Vegas Wedding Weekend post. Still, DAMN we look awesome in this photo.

Bad-ass Las Vegas Wedding

Tyler Freear was our photographer for the non-wedding part of our Vegas Adventure and he did a phenomenal jobI just got his photos earlier this week in the mail and printed off some for some of the Father's Day activities

This one of the whole wedding party mugging in front of the Vegas sign might be the single greatest photo (outside of the waving photo) from the weekend.

I know... wedding overkill on the Blog. But let's be honest... since my mom is the only one who really reads this blog, I think you know you can expect more photos in the future.

Friday, June 15, 2012

KITTENS! SEO! Top 3 reasons I will be a famous blogger

The brothers pointed out that the best way to become famous on the internet is with Cat Videos.

This is nothing new.

So I present to you, video of the kittens my brothers found. I am really kind of concerned they are not cashing in on this goldmine they stumbled on and now keep safely tucked away in the basement.




Friday, June 08, 2012

Vegas Wedding Weekend, Part II

Vegas Wedding 2012

When it comes to weddings, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has this thing down to a science.

The chapel was nice. The piano player was great. The minister, although tiny, was amazing. The flowers were awesome and the staff made sure everything went off without a hitch and was friendly and worked non-stop to ensure The Librarian and I were happy.

Vegas Wedding 2012

The Librarian was simply stunning as she walked down the isle with her father for the first time. It is great to see all the photos now since at the time everything was kind of a blur.

If anyone ever asks for my advice on how to do an amazing wedding. I am pretty sure I will just point west and blurt out, "Get thee to Vegas."

Be sure to check out the rest of the wedding ceremony over on the Flickr page. Tyler's photos of of from the Vegas sign will be coming shortly. From the previews I have seen online, they are — again — AMAZING.

Vegas Wedding Weekend, Part I

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Vegas Wedding Weekend, Part I

MGM Pool

It is hard to pick the most representative photos of the entire wild Vegas Wedding weekend. Is it the one of our families all standing round The Librarian and I outside the chapel as we wave like fools? Or is it the one where the Michael Jackson impersonator is hugging The Librarian after an epic show at New York-New York? Maybe it is the many photos of free drinks, shots, novelty beverages and alcoholic slushes that passed through out hands during the weekend...

Whatever photo you happen to think represents the weekend best, all I know is that it was easily one of the best weekends of my life. Not only did I get to marry my best friend, but I got to do it in one of most fun and exciting cities.

Vegas Wedding @ New York-New York

It was also amazing to have so many wonderful family and friends there to support us and cheer us on as The Librarian and I took the plunge and got married. Without them, the weekend out not have been as memorable as it was.

With so many people taking photos, I am sure more will be posted here, over on the flickr page and on Facebook as they are emailed to me.

Stay tuned as I will be posting more photos from the wedding itself and the rest of the weekend.

Vegas Wedding @ Belligio