Monday, April 30, 2012

Jill Biden visits MCC

Jill Biden Visits MCC

Jill Biden, Vice President Joe Biden's wife, stopped into Metropolitan Community College's Health Science Institute to talk about the Mo Health Wins program and several other grant programs hosted by MCC.

It was a fun event. Biden even surprised some of the students who were standing outside the HSI building with signs when she jumped from her SUV and crossed the street to shake hand and talk with everyone who had gathered there.

Jill Biden visits MCC

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bring your child (or pet) to work day

Seems everyone is bringing their children into the office today. Had I known I would have brought this guy into the office all day:

Hudson licking his chops

Of course, when co-workers would scoff and say "That's a your cat not your child..."

I would then look at them right in the eyes and shout,


Then I would utter something under my breath about how they were racists and why can't they just accept my family the way we are...

Yeah, that would be fun, too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

VIDEO: Weird Al plays Jon Hamm in bowling... why not.

Best parts:

Weird Al sings "Bowling" over and over to the tune of the Mad Men theme song.

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell) heckles show creator Matt Weiner by saying "The Kardashians get better numbers than you!"

"Hey Jon, I really liked your role as Gorgeous Guy #2 in that one episode of Alley McBeal."

"I think banana peels are hilarious jokes," Jon Hamm.

"No matter how good you did with the account, Mohawk Airlines does not exist today!" Pete Holmes heckling Vincent.

"Is it douchey to invite people to beat them in a game where he is clearly a semi-professional? I say yes,"  John Hamm. "It would be like me inviting people to a masturbating contest," Pete Holmes

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another successful Flights of Fancy kite festival

With the new job duties MCC and volunteer wrangling at the festival, I did not get a great chance to take a lot of photos or any video at the kite festival.

Photographer Bret Mavrich was out getting all the good stuff on film, though.

Despite light winds, the campus still had more than 15,000 people on campus throughout the day enjoying the weather and even flying their own kites. Honestly, I still think it was a huge success and I heard really no complaints at all through the day.

I did manage to snap this photo on my phone just as my favorite mega-kite made it airborne.

Flights of Fancy kite festival 2012

The new MCC Public Relations person did, however, get a ton of great photos from the event.

MCC-Longview Flights of Fancy kite festival... and now the countdown begins for kite fest 2013...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Robster the LEGO Rock Lobster returns

LEGO Rock Lobster Kansas City

The Librarian stumbled on this awesome find during a photo shoot at Crown Center.

Sure, it might look like an average display advertising the new Sea Life Aquarium, but look closer... closer... lower right... getting warmer...

LEGO Rock Lobster Kansas City


It's the return of Robster the LEGO Rock Lobster.

Robster was my first-round creation at the LEGO Brickfactor competition back in January. More than 200 LEGO fans from five different states competed to be named the LEGO Master Builder for the new LEGO Land Discovery Center opening later this month.

After the competition, LEGO reps said they might be using some of the models for displays in Crown Center, but I never actually thought Robster would survive — especially considering the number of other amazing sea creatures that came out of the first round.

I am just going to go ahead and assume this is what a parent feels like when their kid grows up to be an astronaut or a doctor or a dinosaur.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Here we have my hero Ron Swanson talking about getting married in Las Vegas in a video for the Human Rights Campaign's marriage equality efforts.

This video officially wins the Internet.

Frankly, I need a few more Internet wins today.

If I hear one more person say my "style of writing is too personal." Or my "writing is not indicative of academic effort." Or "I am assuming you were dunk when you wrote this." I just might punch a giraffe in the ankles.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zombies in the Library

One of the projects I was enlisted to help with here in the last couple of months was a video project for Mid-Continent Public Library's Teen Summer Reading Project.

The Librarian and her co-workers came up with the idea of turning a horde of zombies into book-loving library patrons. Hilarity (and dancing) ensues.

We had fellow librarians and some of the local teens star in the clip promoting the reading program. I thought it turned out pretty nice. It gave me a chance to practice some of my video shooting and editing skills and it gave the Librarian a chance to act as the Creative Director over the whole project.

We shot the whole thing on a borrowed Canon 5D and used the Smithville Library branch as our location.


Monday, April 09, 2012

Kite festival, new job, wedding plans and more

(YAWN) Good God what day is it?!

April 9? Oh shit!

Are you telling me I have been asleep at the wheel for two months? Well, no wonder nobody visits this dump anymore. It's hard enough keeping you all focused for a week on something — let alone keep you around for almost two months without something to read...

Well, let's dive right into this hot mess.

2010 Flights of Fancy Kite Festival

Flights of Fancy kite festival

That's right, team. The mega kite festival I co-manage is coming back for its sixth year at MCC-Longview.

Sean Beaver and the Kansas City Kite Club will be flying kites the size of a house.

Every year we have more than 15,000 people on the campus lawn taking in the all-day show and picnicking with their family. KC Parent called the festival one of the best in the region (Woot!) and MARC even featured us in its 2012 Public Safety Calendar, which featured major festivals from Missouri and Kansas.

If that is not enough to get your rocks off, then check out some of the photos I have taken at past festivals.

10 a.m. - 5 -p.m., Saturday, April 21

The New Job

Well, it's not really a NEW job — as that might indicate I have left the college. I am still with Metropolitan Community College AND I am still working in the marketing and public relations office, but rather than handling the marketing and PR for one campus, I have now been "specialized"...

No, seriously... I am now the Web Marketing Specialist for MCC (woot!). The new title means a new office location (downtown at HQ) and few new tasks to keep me busy.

In the next couple of months, the college is going to transition to a new content management system that is supposed to help us iron out some of our... (ahem) website issues. In the past, anyone could submit changes to the website and most of the time they would go unchecked. Now, though, with the new CMS I will be the one checking all the updates. This could either go really well or end in my screaming death from the rooftop... either way (woot!).

Wedding Plans

The #EkeyElliott #VegasWedding at the MGM Grand is moving forward (and getting dangerously close).

The chapel has been reserved, non-Elvis officiant booked and flowers ordered. Even the pre-wedding paperwork has already been filed with the county courthouse there to help expedite the process when we land in Vegas.

(Then again, I suspect this is not the first wedding handled by the good folks in Las Vegas, Nevada — just a hunch.)

Sarah on the Stratosphere

Anticipating the big day, The Librarian and I have even started wearing our rings.

Superstitious? No...

Ready to be married to my bride? Yes.

Although, The Librarian refuses to tell me what her dress looks like. She says it's not so much for superstitions, rather she just wants to surprise me when she comes walking down the aisle.

The clock is ticking. Tick-Tock. And we are inching closer to the wedding day and the big reveal.