Friday, December 16, 2011

You win!

I am always looking for a cheap and easy way to fill the pages of this blog. So, what better time than now to tell you:

I won a design contest!

Well, technically, I won third - according to the judges - but when my artwork was reproduced in Black and White (as the instructions said it was going to be) mine was the only one that was legible...


Here is the deets:
The pizza place up the street from Ye Old Jr. Varsity is trying to drum up some business from the lines of people heading to the Christmas in the Park display.

People sit in their cars for HOURS to see the display. The Pizza Boss came up with the idea to hand out fliers to people waiting in line telling them the pizza joint was open and they could watch the line shrink from the windows of the game room... clever stuff, I tell you...

The Boss's Microsoft Word design skills were lacking so he threw it out to his Fans on Facebook...

"Design me a flier," he said. "And win $60 in Next Door Pizza gift certificates."

Now, my design skills aren't really what I would call... "professional" nor have I gone through any of the "training" or "education" needed to "be a graphic artist"... but I'll do just about anything for free pizza.

Next Door Pizza flier

Like I said, it's not exactly art... and from what the Facebook folks were saying there were some REALLY serious graphic artists on the case. Still, nothing says good design like a sweet readable font choice.

Huzzah Technicalities!

And Huzzah Next Door Pizza, who I think has some of the best Deep Dish Pizza in KC.

Thursday, December 01, 2011


... I feel like I want to set my hair on fire.

Water Fire Kansas City 2011

Despite our early week excitement, this whole week, though, as been dragging along. The Temple of Gonzo-KC had a bit of a medical emergency Monday night when The Librarian came down with some kind of stomach flu.

I think she picked it up from her infant niece (I say this only because I know for a fact babies cannot comprehend something as complicated as The Internets, but I could be wrong and might have to brace myself for the wrath of a drooling child upset by internet-tolls).

Anyway, if a man's engagement to a women is to be a time to learn about one another before marriage, I can definitely say my engagement to the Librarian has taught me how to effectively clean up buckets of puke.

For nearly 18 hours - every 15 minutes - she was puking, giving me only about 10 mins to rinse, clean and deodorize the trashcan we were using.

It was brutal.

What I thought was funny though was how many people kept telling me I needed to get her on the BRATs diet when she finally stopped up-chucking.

It sounded like they were nuts, but Banans, Rice, Applesauce and Toast must have been one of those health lessons I missed when I was in Jr. High.

Once we got things back to normal the work week ground to a halt and became insanely more boring.

Maybe it was the weather... maybe it's because tomorrow is payday... maybe it's because I decided to quit injecting caffeine into my eyeballs in the morning (health reasons). Whatever the case, I think this is a sign of things to come as classes end and the semester winds down. I'll have to start taking on some more evergreen projects - not necessarily a bad thing, really.

On the bright side, I found out my Attorney landed himself a cushy Lawyer-like job down in Springfield. Even got himself a high-fallutin' loft downtown... Fancy.

Now that he has ascended into the 1% I guess this means he can get all my drinks when I head south to visit the SOB.

Let's just hope all his lawyer-ing does not mean he has to back out of the wedding. If anything, I am going to need a lawyer more than ever in Vegas.