Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Does this make me a professional?

My photography has always been a hobby.

But this week I broke out of my old hobby and landed my feet squarely into the world of office art!

Community Education Art

That's right, WWers, photos I snapped... er, excuse me, composed (I am a professional now, damnit!) of the 2010 and 2011 Flights of Fancy kite festival are now proudly hanging in the Community Education office at MCC-Longview.

I was worried the photos, while they look cool on the computer screen, would end up looking like big colorful piles of shit once they were blow up to the landscape proportions we wanted in the office.

Community Education Art

"This photo looked really good on the website, why does it now look like roasted roadkill stapled to the wall?!" Yeesh... that would be a mood killer every time someone walked into the office.

You can find the online versions of these photos here, here and here.

And let's not even talk about my abysmal abilities when it comes to Photoshop to fix or alter some of these photos. The most I ever learned from that program was how to make the photo black and white and how to lighten it enough to run newspaper photos on a printer that was as old as dirt.

So swing by the MCC-Longview Community Education office and say 'Hi' as you meander through the new photo exhibit. I am planning, at a later date, an artist appreciation reception with boxed wine and Kraft Singles Cheese...

...I mean, I might be a professional now, but it does not mean I have to give up the finer things in life.

Friday, June 10, 2011

"Tacos are the most versatile fruit..."

Yup...I think I might be best friends with this video.

If you are not watching My Drunk Kitchen, then you are missing out on... well, essentially what I do every night...

Things to watch for at the next Wednesday Weekly get together? Jargaritias...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Higher Learnin'

Park University

Dust off you mortarboards and sharpen those pencils, The Wednesday Weekly is officially going back to school... again...

That's right, rubes, my official acceptance papers were dropped off via a dive-bombing carrier pigeon yesterday announcing that I was accepted to Park University's Masters Program.

Hopefully in two years I will emerge a full-blown Master of Public Administration with an emphasis on Not-for-profits and Community Service.

I know what you are thinking, I'm just doing it for the money. And you would be right.

As part of the admissions process, of course, I could not entirely hide my abysmal undergraduate performance at Ye Old Missouri University so the Deans and Doctors at Park agreed to take me on with a few conditions...  I am really hoping one of these conditions involves helping a professor move into a new house. Heavy lifting worked wonders for my grades in the past.

The Librarian will also be taking classes with me as she goes for the gold and completes her second Masters degree. Hopefully she will keep me on point and won't let me get too far behind in my studies.

With a Masters program now on my plate, this means I will probably have to put my Graphic Design classes on hold for a while. Which is kind of sad, considering I was having so much fun with them.

On the plus side, I am now officially a Pirate.

Park Pirates

There is only a handful of people still around that will enjoy the fact that after having a pirate name for nine years, I am now becoming a real Pirate.

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Per my contact with The Wednesday Weekly, I am legally obligated to share all things LEGO from The Interwebs.

But even if I were not required by penalty of death and dismemberment to share this, I think this is pretty badass and would have shared it with you nerds anyway...

Presenting LEGO KC from the Kansas City Star...

The Kansas City Star is falling back on the age-old principal that user generated content is always the best read. It's the same reason The Editorial Page is the most read section of the paper.

BUT back to LEGO.

Although each of them are awesome - except for the ones obviously made by children (seriously, kids, step up you game here) - I have to say the Microsets are the coolest...

AWESOME Sauce, boss.

I might have to dig around my Mom's basement to see if I can dig up my LEGO collection and see if I can't recreate sections of my neighborhood... hookers and all.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The description of this over on YouTube is that it is from the Doctor Who Confidential after Episode Six. Well, there you have it...