Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Shave

Spent Memorial Day as any good American should... at the grilling by the pool.

While bobbing around in the pool The Girlfriend, Roommate and I got into a heated discussion about shaving and barber shops... I honestly cannot even remember how we started into it, but it led my Roommate and I to start praising the kinds of barbershops that still use straight razors and will trim beards or offer a full shave.

There was this shop in Northeast that used to do cut hair and trim beads (straight razor-style) for a whole 10-bucks. Since then it has closed. There is one still in River Market (I think).

Kansas City has no shortage of barbershops and hair salons. But of the 10 pages of shops that come up on Google Maps, only about two or three (if they are still in business) will do it.

After using a straight razor you did not need to shave for a week, my roommate declared.

Anyway, I saw this today and figured since straight razors were in the zeitgeist, I should share it with you rubes.

BSS | Straight Razor from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Competitive BBQ with a heart in Joplin

I have always had an interesting experience when trying to convince my boss how social media and online marketing can work for the college here.

Social media is a very nimble and quick moving animal when the college itself acts more like a 10-ton tanker ship. Trying to convince anyone how we should change is ... well, like trying to turn the Titanic.

We have been over case studies and data and examples, but I think I what I was missing was a real world example that she could experience and relate too...

Her son this week was able to break through to her when he organized the Operation BBQ Relief in Joplin. Her son is from Pleasant Hill but travels the country competing (and winning) in big BBQ competitions.

The day after the tornado destroyed much of Joplin, he was already on Facebook activating his network of friends and fellow competitive cookers asking them to donate food, time, anything to help feed the residents and emergency workers in southwest Missouri.

In less than 24 hours (by Tuesday) he had hundreds of BBQers from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma all headed to Joplin to start smoking meats and feeding people. Sams Club donated 2,000 lbs. of pork while OK Farms donated a truckload of chicken. All of it was headed to their smokers and to the people who needed it most all becasue he got a wild idea and looked to do something about it.

Her son's success on the ground helped recruit more help as he not only was able to coordinate people coming into Joplin, but could also easily export news and supply needs to people who were all over the country.

On Tuesday her son reported feeding 1,200 people... by Friday they had more than 6,000 people come through the lunch lines just that day. The need, he said, is still there and he continues to organize help and donations through the Facebook page.

I am not able to gives his work the credit it deserves.... I am probably an ass for looking at what he is doing from the perspective of what I do professionally. So, it is important to point out how selfless my boss's son and his family has been as they helped organize this amazing effort to help feed the folks in Joplin.

If you are interested in helping out or know of someone who does, hop over to their Facebook page and let them know. This is too important to let it pass by.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"There is a tornado on the lake!"

Thunderstorm approaches

So as everyone on campus was waiting in the FEMA shelter/Cultural Arts Center someone burst into the main hallway to announce that a tornado appeared over the Lake... you know, the one right next to the college...

While I am highly doubtful that an actual tornado touched the banks of Longview Lake, the police and administration were taking zero chances.

And so that is how I spent two hours in our emergency shelter playing Scrabble and waiting for the official tornado warning to go away.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Battlestar TARDIS

At this point I am pretty sure my family, friends, girlfriend and co-workers love me for all the Doctor Who and Battle Star Galactica things I talk about...

But if I post a mashup of both? They will love me even MORE!

[via (Jeff)isageek.net]

Monday, May 23, 2011

Storm Chasing

KS Storm Clouds

My roommate and I in college used to chase storms that would come tearing across Mid-Missouri. We would hop into a Honda Civic with nothing more than a police scanner and a camera because, well, that seemed like the sanest thing to do during a tornado.

We had all our tall tales from the road ... we were tilting at windmills and taunting giants, but after seeing the photos of destruction coming from southern Missouri and elsewhere, I am honesty glad - despite all our chasing - we never actually caught up to any of those terrible storms.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I saw this in a dream...

I am not kidding... I saw this in a dream one time and for WEEKS thought to myself... why exactly would Dart Vader be playing a trombone to salsa music at a retirement home?

Carve out 4:30 minutes of your day because you will not want to look away...

Thank you, Geekologie

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Angry Birds

Wanna watch the designers from Rovio design a level for Angry Birds... then check it n00bs...

What's neat about this video is not only getting to watch The Swedish Chef create a level, but also getting to hear the Rovio CEO talk about how the company wanted to keep the "story line" vague and non-specific going so far as to not even name the birds.

He wanted players to make the game their own. Take it and share it and apply their own experiences and ideas as they shared it with other people.

Hell, I will admit I named the birds and then also continue to play the game for several hours a day. It's not just because it is an addicting game it is because it is an easily addicting game that leaves itself open with little to no resolution... until the next level.

It would be a great lesson if I could, for the life of me, figure out how to use it around my office. Since we don't sell a product, per se, rather we sell an experience on campus and through classes that are well defined and regulated by state and national rules...well, there is not a whole lot of ambiguity to play with there.

However, I think I have an idea for something we can use during Friday's graduation that plays on the "My experience..." theme...

Let's see if I can pull it off.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

photos, photos, photos...

Leaves on the stairs

I quit taking photos a few months ago and I am not really sure why...

Maybe something deep inside of me realized that you cannot fully live life through the eyehole of a camera all the time...

But that sounds like a bunch of hippie bullshit.

skyline from the plane

I actually chalk it up to just being too damned laze to charge and take my camera with me places anymore. Maybe part of the reason the blog died earlier this year was because I quit taking photos and video of the insane decisions make and places I go.

Maybe it is because I don't make as many insane decisions and go to as many crazy places as I used to...

KC Skyline at dusk

Well, it's time we get back on it. Damned the torpedos and fire off a few snap shots of the pets.

P.S. Brother, be on notice: I applied to my masters program and I will (hopefully) be clawing and thrashing my way through a Master's in Public Affairs... Let's just hope the keggers in Graduate School are as epic as the ones in undergrad...

Monday, May 09, 2011

Getting through finals week

Here we go Dub-Dubbers - it's almost finals week here at Ye Old Junior College.

Today for show and tell I present to you my final project for my graphic design class. We were asked to design and build a CD prototype. The band we created the CD for could be made up or real...

So, I figured what better way to prove my creepy stalker credentials than to once again call on Tater and the Gravy Train and use them them in my final project.

Graphic Design final project

The photography is all from my Flickr Account from over the years and hopefully makes some kind sense in the grand scheme of the overall CD project... my influence? Travel and Booze.

Graphic Design final project

For the inside CD Jacket I decided to build an 8-panel poster that would fold up like a 4-square napkin into the CD front cover.

This would be your front cover:

Then the front jacket would open up to a two-page spread with the lyrics:

The jacket would then open up to a four-panel poster on the inside:


Now, before you get your chaps in a twist I know that is not Tater nor any member of the Gravy Train gracing this poster. It's actually Nick Schnebelen from Trampled Under Foot. I shot one of their shows at Kansas City Kansas Community College about a year or so ago for another project.

I kid you not, out of about 1000 band photos I have taken over the years, I have zero of Tater and the Gravy Train.

The only other action-ish photo I considered for this poster was one I had of Michael Buble, but that just seemed insulting.

Moral of the story... well, I don't think there is one, to be honest... let's keep moving...

While I was really happy with the poster, I think I was more pleased with the inside of the CD Tray - this is the image you would see when you pull the CD out of the case:

And the back cover - the side would fold up to fill that l/2 inch gap on the side of the CD case:
CDT100 (outside)

There is that logo again. Huzzah! 

I was rather pleased with this project considering we had only two class periods to put essentially eight different design components together. You can see everything and how it came together over here.

I have submitted this for your approval (and a grade).

On to design 102!

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Summer Theater - Student Work

Check it, rubes... We have some insanely talented students in our MCC-Longview Graphic Design program.

To promote and advertise the new Summer Theater Workshop on campus here the marketing dept teamed up with a couple of students to put together an awesome campaign that finally breaks out of the mindset that Marketing = Posters on Campus.

Lakeside Summer Theatre Workshop poster

Granted, the students DID create posters for campus (pretty badass posters, IMHO) but they also sat down with the our guest theater director (yes, I refuse to spell it theatre) for an entire day interviewing him about what he would like to see happen in this new theater workshop.

Watch it and be amazed at people a decade+ younger than me being 50 times more creative.

We are using the videos and the color scheme to set up a whole campaign to roll out the advertising for the class this week. In the coming weeks we will have a few more video spots with Ryan talking about the theater and a whole mess of other things.

I had nothing to do with the creative end of this project.... I just oversaw the thing to make sure they did not break the law or secretly flash pornography on the screen, which actually might have been a good selling point...now that I think about it.