Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wait for the credits...

Cheap and shameless self-promotion. You know you want to share it too...but seriously, check out the production credits at the end. I did not even tell them to do that... I am JUST. THAT. AWESOME.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A joke...

So, U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia), Katy Perry and Mark Zuckerberg all walk into a bar... 

Wait, what the fishpurse?!

Original from Facebook itself.

(Side note: This photo is from a whole gallery put out by Facebook when Katy Perry stopped by their offices in California - still does not explain Warner ... from looking at all the photos I have come to the conclusion that Facebook nerd are super short... only one other person - aside from Warner - was taller than Perry and it was a chef in the cafeteria...).

Here is the full story from Mediate

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowed in

Sweet jebus it SNOWED! Call it Snowmageddon... snowpocalypse... a snowgasm or just snOMG it is still a pain in my ass...

But, it makes for good video makin' and when campus closes due to the weather it leaves me with a lot of time to do things... like upload half a dozen videos to YouTube.

See, I finally get around to even posting the videos from the family Christmas party. Like the video of the KU engineering professor facing off the with Zumba instructor as they attempt to jingle their bells in a minute-to-win it style compeition.

Or maybe you are more interested in a video that is more than a year old from the last Mavericks hockey game I went to:

It was a good productive day, but I still have not even gotten to the videos from my Vegas trip or even the videos I took of Max from this past summer...

Christ, I suppose I'll just let them continue to wallow on my harddrive until it crashes or until the next snow day, which is probably going to be Monday or Tuesday..

Friday, January 14, 2011

A new LEGO convert.

A friend of mine at work just discovered the magic of Lego...


When she finally told me I knew it was going to be a thrilling experience to talk Lego seriously with another fan ... well, let me rephrase... It was going to be thrilling to talk Lego seriously with another fan who is over the age of 5.

To make up for her lost time with Lego bricks she has been taking photos of her two new sets and even produced/directed/wrote a high-drama film staring Lego Man 1 and Lego Man 2.

This clip is a Lego buddy road-trip movie where two Lego friends search for coffee. But what they discover in the end really lies within their Lego hearts.

With a new adult fan running around at work, I am going to have to revisit my old policy of not letting girls play with my own Lego sets, but that is a policy that has not been seriously enforced since 1989.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OMG Snow!!!!11!!!11!!#$

It makes everything in my neighborhood look a little less dead and lifeless.

Snow day

It also reminds me that my house is as drafty as a knit tent in Siberia...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hell yeah VEGAS...

The photos have been posted... the memories recounted... the tears have been wiped away as I remember the good times in Las Vegas with The Librarian.

 The whole trip was a damned hoot and I am already saving up to head back... and then promptly lose it all on Pat Sajack's evil excuse for a game called Wheel of Fortune.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Rainbow in Vegas

Sure, it is no double rainbow... but ... you know what? "Ooooooohhhhh Yeeeeeah! What does it all mean?!" It means I am about to lose several hundred dollars by putting all my money on Black... Gah such a terrible bet!

Awwwww yeah...

Hell, yeah we are awesome. You don't have to tell me twice.

Check out the rest of the gallery over on the Flickrs.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year, you miserable bastards.

And so that just happened...

Well, it looks like you bastards finally got me back. For weeks I had been snapping photos of people sleeping in the car as we jaunted from one Missouri Valley location to another. The one above showed up as we were headed to BloNo this past week... it was a hard night apparently.

But I would assume the unwashed masses that read this perverted filth would understand that a man needs his unbridled, dead-weight sleep from time to time...

Also, kids, remember to buckle up when riding in a car. You never know when it will prevent you from sliding down onto the floor of the car while asleep.

And knowing is half the battle.


Still here, eh? I guess you want to know more about New Year's Eve and how our Cup of Silly runneth over into the streets... I bet you are all also waiting for those elusive photos from Vegas... well, stop bitching and wait longer.

I can tell you right now that The Librarian and I spent much of our time in Vegas eating healthy, drinking lots of water and studying the bible like all the other tourists in town...

Yeah. That's how it happened.