Monday, December 20, 2010

And that was Vegas...

Las Vegas strip

Like a hazy fever dream, there are things that make no sense when we think back to them. Photos and foggy memories from endless buffets and Vanna White haunt us.

Maybe that is just the residual effect from the city. Maybe there is actually a rift in the space time continuum that causes this sideways alteration of the human mind...

Or maybe there was just the right amount of alcohol and excessive celebration to facilitate a successful weekend with my Official Librarian.

I suppose I should let Carl Ferris and the Freedom Dancers explain my weekend in Vegas.

More photos and video coming tomorrow...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fever dreaming

There is no way to explain what the hell is going on in my mind as it slowly cooks itself in my skull. Flashes of images and voices is like some kind of terrible drug flashback that grounds me only when it's over and I have to question: "Did that dog really just talk to me?"

The random firings of my brain are a strange place to dwell, so enjoy:

Fever dream The First: My family and I decide to go to a basketball game, but for some reason we are wearing all of our Redbird gear. Fan recognize it and begin jeering and booing.

Fever Dream The Second: I am standing in front of several of my old college professors, editors and girlfriends. They are going over paperwork and reviewing how my life has turned out this far. They realize I am now working for another college and that displeases them. After some questions about career decisions and personal trivia they decide to revoke my college experience and tell me I am not allowed to claim I went to school there.

Fever Dream The Second and a 1/2: I run out of the Journalism building and I am standing in the middle of a street. A black sedan with tinted windows pulls up next to me and the drive tells me to get in. I slide into the back seat and Max is sitting there... and then he begins to speak. But not some wailing bark... no, he speaks with the voice of Cameron Diaz.

We talk for a while. It was nice. Then he says he has to go and tells me to get out.

Fever Dream The Third: My boss decides she wants me to take photos at a new sporting event in Boston. We go there and I run into all the other PR people from my college. Because of the trip, I am perpetually one minute behind everyone so I miss the press conferences and the start of the game and crowd sing along.

Fever Dream The Third and a 1/2: The game starts with a Donkey kicking off what looks like a football. But everyone starts booing because the elk on the receiving team fumbled the ball and the donkey recovered it in his mouth.

Fever Dream The Fourth: I am back at my Mom's house playing the piano, which has been moved upstairs from the basement. As I am playing, my brother and his girlfriend are arguing on the couch behind me about something. FInally he stands up and says he wants to break up with her. They seem to struggle, but eventually he pushes her down and she sinks into the couch eventually disappearing into the cushions and even further below.

I head upstairs to my room when I discover someone has smeared the everything in the room with their own shit. Every wall, corner of the floor and piece of furniture is covered. Geoff walks in and starts screaming.

His scream wakes me up around 4:15 a.m.

Rather than go back to sleep , I decide to check e-mail and find out how early the Urgent Care doctor is open.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

YouTubin' it

Super lazy post today. Since writing for work non-stop has absorbed most of my creative brain power, you get a piece I did for work... because, honestly, do any of us really care?

Not even the freezing temperatures could keep Sean Beaver, president of the KC Kite Club from flying his kites over the open lawn at MCC-Longview this past weekend.

A part of the KC Kite Club's winter business meeting, some of the members decided to brave the 32-degree winds and fly a few kites. Among the kite club members, there were about a dozen kite (some small, some as large as a basketball court) flying above Longview.

The KC Kite Club provides some of the most amazing mega kites that fill the sky during the MCC-Longview Flights of Fancy kite festival.

Don't miss the Flights of Fancy kite festival on April 16, 2011

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Advent Calendars of awesome

Angry Bird advent calendar vs. Lego City advent calendar; GO!

Really, with gifts like these, you can go ahead and just cancel X-mas.