Friday, August 27, 2010


My computer today is begging to be tossed out the window of my office. The fan on the motherboard has started to rattle and grind on what I can only assume is the tender thorax of a misguided bug trapped forever in the this hellish merry-go-round of an exhaust fan...

But it is not like it is a constant grinding noise echoing though my hollow office. No, that would be too easy to tune out. This comes and goes as the fan kicks from high to low trying to keep the computer cool. This means I am constantly reminded of how noisy it is as my office sits silent for about 30 seconds... and then it continues to chew on what sounds like a 47 cents in change.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We packed the important things.

The boxes are unpacked. The booze has been arranged for ease of drinking and the bookshelves have been built according to the Swedish directions... sort of... eh, screw it - close enough.

Part of my desire to get a house was to show it was time to grow up and become an adult. A house with a proper yard and a garage means Grown Up, right?

Well, I think my choices and in art...

Ghostbuster Wall Art

 and Ice trays...

Lego Ice

beg to differ on that level of adulthood...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two nerds in a pod

As with any new hire to an organization there is always the inevitable learning curve that takes place.

For our new Deep Thoughtologist at the Temple of Gonzo-Waldo, this means recapping 5 seasons of Doctor Who in single a week.

We have to get the man up to speed, of course, before I can proudly display my cardboard TARDIS next to the Ghostbuster art...

What the hell do you mean 20-somethings have a difficult time "growing up". Screw you New York Times!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I will... (stop being such a creative downer)

Well crap... not even 24 hours after I talk about my big push into video projects in the office here, my partner at the Blue River Campus goes and freaking knocks one out of the park with his video assignment...

It is everything I keep telling people we need to be creating... it's simple... it's emotional... it's easy to connect with whether you went to college or not.

My therapist says I show anger and frustration quicker than I show happiness. So, I don't want my jealousy for his project to show through (too much). I blame the creative drought on the move to a new house and the fact that I don't yet have cable (where I steal most of my ideas...).

But kudos to Blue River's people for getting this together and creating a neat introduction to the school year here from our students.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look at me! I'm a real live TV reporter, ma!

The voice over was done in my truck... The script was scrawled on the back of a recipt from a bar... and the camera work is shakey...

But hey! I got to tour the inside of the Kauffman Center for the performing art - so suck it.

I'm trying to convince the top brass at work that video projects can be "professioanl" (ie - look like a news segment) as well as be fun and easy to produce... eh, two out of three ain't bad.

Well, until work buys me a professioanl camera with sound equiment and editing bay... you get my very best produced on a FlipCam and the best editing my lunch break will allow...

Also, if you have not gotten a chance to check out the work blog, consider this my shameless plug:

It has been an interesting process getting some of our old skool PR folks to embrace the Blog style of the online conversation. Slowly but surely we are getting there. We are getting some great feedback from our own faculty as we are slowly publicizing it before school starts next week.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Plus, now we can also show LOTS videos, which as you can tell from above, is what I am strongest at... : /

Monday, August 16, 2010

South Side Relocation

The New home

TO: The Gonzo Nation
FROM: Director of External Affairs and Booze Acquisition
INRE: New offices and homecomings.

The Old Crow does not last long when left unattended in the newest House of the Rising Sun. Yes, my eclectic electorate, we are gathered here today to commemorate the opening of the newest office in the Temple of Gonzo's widening network of washouts.

Break out the bunting and the 3-foot-long scissors as we christen the new Waldo Neighborhood HQ.At dawn I will be smashing a bottle of the finest Andre's Champagne against the side of this behemoth house in preparation to send her to sea to fight off the hoards of enemies - both real and imagined. Sometimes the imagined ones are worse.

From our new Waldo HQ we can stretch our legs and demanded the waitress bring us another round.

waldo2Along with the physical relocation, the ToG HQ is also welcoming back our Chief Deep Thoughtologist and Curator of Gin Libations to the ranks. It's been a while since we have gotten the chance to do some serious 3 a.m. drinking with accelerated mind exercises, but that is a story we will leave to our legal offices to tell.

Today, though, is for greeting the new neighborhood and making a good first impression - presumably by firing a cannon packed with figs and cookies declaring our arrival...

 Today is for eating fatted meats on the grill and taking an evening constitution around the palatial gardens and grounds, which we plan on keeping trimmed and pristine through a series of controlled burns...

Today is about celebrating new beginnings with enough wine and soaring moon beams that even Hedonismbot would be proud.

If the heat has not yet melted your pickled brains yet, then scrape yourself off the pavement and come take a tour of our Living Room, which features windows.

Sensing the excitement from across the globe, our Correspondent from the Far East will be making his way home to the Temple of Gonzo HQ on Sept. 17 - where I am sure he will give the place a white glove inspection and then soil our fine carpets with his Corona... the bastard...

The details of that Homecoming and your invitation will arrive via and armed courier swinging wildly from tree to tree on a zipline..

- 30 -

p.s. Send more fruit.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

C learns how to fly...

... and how to recover from a wicked belly flop.

Just wait for it...

You should see what we do to the cousins we don't like. After this we tried the same thing - but in the front yard. It is not a family party unless someone gets sent to the hospital.

Although I was told not to post this video - her mother feared Child Services would show up Monday morning - I can't imagine she is too worried...