Tuesday, May 18, 2010


max in the sun

My dog Max is 15-years-old. He is a pure Sheltie — papers and all.

We, of course, shave him each month — teddy bear cut — and never pinched his ears. He likes it. He prances and acts like a puppy after each hair cut.

He is completely deaf and slightly blind. Still, he responds to large hand gesture and knows exactly when it is time to go on a walk.

He still hates cats and will chase them down at all costs. And after he bark and growls at the doberman that walks by each evening he checks on everyone in the house to make sure we knew he was protecting the house. And expects a bacon treat at precisely 9 p.m. each night for his day's work.

I defy you find a better dog.

max in the sun2

For more Max photos, check it out here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

CoCo! CoCo! CoCo!


Conan O'Brien unleashed his pale white comedy on the Midland Theater Sunday night. Conan, along with The Band, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Andy, Masturbating Bear and the Chuck Norris Lever, did not disappoint.

"This is your idea of Art? It's like you were attacked by gay giants."

Of course, contractually he is not allowed to bring along The REAL Masturbating Bear.

masturbating bear

Instead, CoCo introduced everyone to his newest member: Self-Pleasuring Panda.

masturbating bear4

But Conan also brought his own music as he played guitar and piano for several songs. For more photo, check out the Flick page.


Movie Monday

Because the people in Iowa have discovered this internet thing...

Not only is this my favorite Starship song — yes, I have a favorite — but the person behind this video even got the Sioux City DJs to put in their own traffic report at the song's bridge. Wow, just wow...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The last week of school


It's the last week of school here... well, technically Finals Week.

The distinction is important since it means campus is a deserted wasteland as students ninja their way into classrooms to take one or two tests and then disappear in a haze of Crazy Purple Knockout Gas in the hopes of not delaying the beginning of summer break.

It also means everyone is shifting into summer schedule mode and I am doing very little that gets seen. I'm left mostly working on some big behind-the-scenes projects that should be fun sometime down the line.

Apparently, it also means we get to have snack time in the afternoon... yeah, I'm not 100 percent sure why I had cookies and milk waiting for me today on my desk.

Monday, May 10, 2010


The New more mature me
Shield your eyes from the massive explosion that will follow the collapse of the Time Paradox

The epic birthday/mother's day weekend of brush clearing, drink making and barbecuing has finally come to an end.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the events surrounding #10kbday... As you all know the world did not end in the cataclysmic explosion of energy and light as I had predicted.

Seems my calculations were off. There is no need to be an ass about it.

The communications black-out regarding the entire weekend is for your safety. We will not be taking any questions from the press and law enforcement authorities have been notfied about those that have gone missing.

Julia, hydrating before the rave
Julia - 3 - MIA - Photo taken before she headed into the basement rave

There has been no posting this past week as we had been busily preparing for the weekend's festivities and gathered the necessary supplies that one might find in a typical 'end-of-the-world bunker'.

In any case, thank you to everyone once again who came out (especially those who brought their small household appliances as sacrificial offerings) and enjoy these random photos from the weekend.

Max in the grass
Cutting limbs and brush for a shelter as we prepared for a post-apocalyptic America

Monday, May 03, 2010

Movie Monday

Because even Conan O'Brien believes 'things happen for a reason...'

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Hopefully this embed code works a little better...seems the earlier one was giving everyone fits.