Friday, February 26, 2010

Get ready for friend requests from grandpa...

Olds can be Hilarious. Especially when they try to do things that traditionally are reserved for Those Damned Kids.

In fact, its kind of terrifying when you find out your parents are now stalking your nightly exploits on Facebook. "Yes, mom, I am a looking for friends, networking and 'random play'...DEAL!"

But let's get serious for a moment...

A couple weeks ago I started pitching the idea that there is a large need not just computer training and classes for older folks, but those classes needed to be mobile and free...

Why? Because the the elderly in KC are one of the poorest, disconnected groups in the country that, in many cases, relay on the crappiest public transportation the KCATA has to offer...

The glorious life of retirement in KC...

Anyway, Metropolitan Community College-Longview (who I do some work for) took me up on the offer and is giving me an entire day to teach as many free classes of computer basics, online skills and whatever else I can pull out of my ass. (It's not quite entirely mobile, but it is FREE)

Yes, free computer classes for anyone who wants to learn.

The whole day is part of Longview's bigger program offering a whole catalog of free classes and other resources to Baby Boomers.

Hopefully, we can make something out of the whole day.

Come on out and meet a Low Level Internet Celebrity like myself. Learn a thing or two, or just heckle from the back, you assholes.

March 13
10 a.m.
500 SW Longview Road
Lee's Summit Mo

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's almost here!

It's coming!

The Mystery purchase is making its way from ... Tallahassee?

Get pumped for a mid-week post with the big reveal. So far I have told a total of three people... and two of them were SERIOUSLY unimpressed...

So, maybe instead of a big reveal, you all should be preparing for a big disappointment ... But you are used to that here, right?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The plot thickens

What did I buy?

The MyFaces were all a twitter when I posted one of my many terrible examples of why I should never be in charge of the family finances. The second I have the inkling I might have a surplus, I go and blow it on either booze or something absurd.

This falls closer into the category of absurd... but it is still AWESOME none the less...

What did I purchase? Just you wait and see.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Ice trees

The ice did not come heavy enough to cancel classes today, but it did make for some great glistening trees.


Or something... Click though to see the ice in its full-focus glory.

Ice trees

Monday Movies

We all sighed a bit of relief when the teacher would announce we were watching a movie in class. In reality, we all knew she was just too lazy or hungover from the weekend to actually teach us anything.

And so in honor of my great public education and silly alliterations, I offer you this week's movie.

USA! USA! USA! or Tom's got issues.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Think warm...


Here in our little corner of IndepMo, we have had some kind of snow on the ground since the beginning of December.

Even when the snow does melt the city look grimy, dirty and dead... that is until we get another round of snow that exists only to crush my soul... but there is a light at the end of this long, dark, miserable tunnel...

And so on this shitty Sunday, I offer you a list of things I am looking forward to once we dig out from this nightmare sometime in May:

Patio seating at Harry's Country Club
The Pool
Driving with my windows down
Outdoor music at Knuckleheads or Grinders
Heckling hipsters at First Fridays
Outdoor barbecues
Royals games
Outdoor movies
Titling at Bridges
Afternoon cocktails on the deck
Going somewhere without a coat
Drinking whiskey for taste not for warmth
The Attic Fan

Martha's Vinyard

I feel warmer just thinking about it. Feel free to add to this list.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Just saw a commercial for season tickets to The Royals. Apparently, you can get a season ticket pack for $168 bucks... According to their Web site you can get a half season for $328 bucks (31 games, I think).

The Missouri Mavericks, on the other hand, have season tickets priced very differently. Cheapest package you can get there is $320. And from what I heard from my own sources, the Mavericks will be courting a waiting list for season ticket buyers...

Major league sports vs. Minor league sports.... and the minor leage team seems to be winning the supply and demand game of sports economics...

Granted it is an apples to oranges comparison since it is two different sports, but still, what is going on here?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now that's a bumper sticker...


My NPR Morning Anchor can beat up your NPR Morning Anchor.

That's right, Maria "Bonecrusher" Carter (far right) has long been a lethal bruiser when it comes to sports and KCUR Fun-Drives.

But now she has joined the ranks of Vicious Killer as she was drafted into the Dreadnought Dorothys Roller Derby Team (one of four in KC).

Using your shoulders

The KC Roller Warriors showcased their new members in a Bloody Valentine's Day bout on Sunday that made their rookies fight for the love of the more senior members. If this was merely an intramural scrimmage I am assuming the full-blown matches next month will involve butterfly knives and chains.

I was a little worried My Librarian would not take to the short-skirt-roller-sport... Still, knowing her blood-lust for violent sports (Mo. Maverick fights are her favorite) I figured she would fall right in line for The Derby.

Hip Check

For more photos from the Roller Derby insanity. Click though.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I ain't no Flickr back girl.

Trampled Under Foot

It's been close to half a month since I broke out my old camera and actually took some photos to post here.

The creative drought came as things with the new clients have been picking up to a feverish pace and I have been pulling double duty trying to keep things together on a day-to-day front and plan out a 5-year strategy for our new Web products.

Still, I managed to catch these guys at the Kansas City Kansas Community College last week at a music benefit for area high school music programs. Usually, when someone says "Let's go see this family jam band," You get a little nervous that your night is headed for a Partridge Family nightmare...

Only tonight I spent a good portion of the evening picking up pieces of my face as it was being rocked off at a frenetic pace all night by Trampled Under Foot.

The whole family


These guy are locally grown and have gotten some great press here in the last year — even named Blues Band of the Year by The Pitch. And rightly so. These guy have been a round for a while, but they are new to me and they have a new fan, for sure.

I have a strong feeling I will be braving the cold in the East Bottoms to catch them when they play at Knuckleheads.


For these photos I was sitting about 10 rows back and was shooting with no flash. Had to turn the shutter speed down to about 40 and crank the ISO up to 800. Click the photos to see more from the show.

Trampled Under Foot

Monday, February 08, 2010

Rubin's Cube

Rubin's cube

Alex Rubin
gets his own solved Rubik's Cube cheering for him in the student section at Illinois State.

Monday, February 01, 2010

This is how America was built.

The Gonzo Network is wide and contains many seekers looking to make some kind of a mark in this foul country... Sadly, when I saw this from one of our former Disciples of the Temple of Gonzo, I knew we had to assemble the old team...

I sent this telegraph to my associate in Columbia and business partner in my Political/Marketing/Bar business...

Coulter, old soul,

My god... so The Teacher thinks he can throw on some facial hair talk with a Southern accent and suddenly he is JAMES-fuckin'-CARVILL.

Well, sonny, I ain't got time for losses in this fight and this Williams cat looks like a loose cannon. Maybe we need to step in earlier than I had anticipated. Load up the car and let's head down to McCain-country and get on board with this awful election process. We need to prove to America we have the cajones to turn this race for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction into a referendum on Capitalism.

Yeah, that's that ticket.

We'll really get those brush-headed commies running for the hills when we come screaming into the city with a live deer tied to the front of our Cadillac shooting fireworks at any johnny lawman that tries to slow us down.

"USA USA USA!" is what they will be chanting as we screech to a halt in from of his campaign headquarters and start giving orders like some Goddamned general jumping off his steed and screaming for his whores.

Yes, Mr. Jones, it's time for our plan to kick into high gear and win back America or slash and burn it to the ground trying ... are you in? I'll be at the Greyhound Station at noon tomorrow. I know you know where that is.

Just be on time for once.

That's the stuff.