Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mr. Travis McGee, III, esq.

Travis McGee

My brother is studying at K-State to be an architect. Despite his terrible choice in schools, he seems to be enjoying it. He can also impress the pants off anyone looking for a fight when it comes to putting together a sweet model home.

Here Travis McGee stands on the veranda of his swamp home looking into the sunset. Click here to find others from out K-State adventure.

Sunday, September 20, 2009



Well, the Royals can't give us a winning season, but at least they can give us a sweet appreciation party.

Friday night was the team's chance to shuffle their feet in the dirt as they stare at their shoes and apologize for another abysmal season. However, for this collective apology known as "Fan Appreciation Day" they provided some amazing BBQ, fried chicken and $3 beer. There technically was no game as the Royals were playing in Chicago, so fans had the run of the entire stadium.

I'll give Dayton Moore credit. He had the stones to come out at one point in the evening and take questions for a good 30 mins about why The Royals sucked so hard this season...

Check out all the pictures from the evening here.

Dayton takes questions

Saturday, September 19, 2009



I am always impressed with how the iPhone camera manages to take some interesting photos. This was taken while I was standing midfield during the Ultimate Frisbee tournament at the Jr. High School...

No questions...just enjoy the photo.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my co-worker and I

Max sleeps

My co-worker and I have a great relationship. We spend most the day goofing off and napping — when there is not pressing work to be done... Then I am doing most the work and he continues to hold down the fort on the napping front (Like a boss).

The days are ours to run the house as we see fit. But at night we find things a little more crowded.

Tonight, though was a perfect night a drive around Eastern Jackson County. He and I loaded in the pick-up truck and cruised the abandoned roads the crissed-crossed this terrible county.

The weather was just right to cruise the roads with the windows down bellowing music... the wind fighting for top billing over the sound coming from the speakers. My elder co-worker is deaf, so all that matters is the cool breeze hitting him in the face.

We were cocooned in the cacophony of sound, but those outside community could hear us coming from miles away.

It was a good time to be alone — even with someone else in the truck.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

That's a paddlin'

Eye on Springfield.

Today begins my first official day of as a Temporary Teaching Assistant (Read: Sub). Sure, you might have heard of my first foray into the world of subbing when I spent the day with a class of pre-K children playing Dump Truck and The Animals Take Over The Doll House — this was heavy stuff we were covering that day.

I suspect, though, that today working with High School students is going to involve a little more than The Bean Bag Song and a reading of The Alphabet Mystery...

Then again, it might not...

Friday, September 11, 2009 I need a kid.

An evening at home
This place looks pretty kid-friendly to me...right, Dog?

My song and dance is done. The stage doors closed and much of the crowd has dispersed. It was interesting to see how different people from this conference took in in what I was preaching.

While everyone was polite and nice while I was in the room, I can only imagine what was being said when I packed up and went to the bar for the night. Still, everyone was making what looked like a genuine effort to understand "What all the kids were into."

Still, the success of this week has already presented a problem.

Many of the participants of this conference (which was centered about children, nature, parenting, etc.) noticed that I was sans children... that I know of...

Some of the comments being made were coming from enough people that my client has now asked that I maybe find a child...or children... who could stand in to act like my kiddos for a few photos that I will need to post here in the future. A gesture of good will to prove that I am not all whiskey and chicken wings...


I know, I would keep your children as far away from me, too... but here it is... work is demanding it.

I need a kid... preferably cute... that can pretend to be my kid so people will stop asking why we should trust a childless heathen with our marketing strategy.

I would prefer not to lie outright, so if any of my family members reading this would mind offering me a loaner this weekend that would be fantastic...

Seriously, guys, my only other option involves a van lots of SweeTarts...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last day

Another day in Colorado is over. Speeches, presentations, lectures, data, hikes, seminars, breakout sessions, more data and a never ending slew of questions.

Somehow I became the defacto IT guy for this experiment in the mountains as sound equipment, projectors and WiFi eluded many of our participants here. Then again, these are nature people, so technology eludes them all together sometimes.

I will say, I do enjoy the work that I am doing here. And the people gathered in this little resort seem to be pretty receptive to some of my ideas for fund raising and advocacy in their little corners of the world. Still, I was up a 6 a.m. and pretty much have been on my feet, talking, demonstrating and answering questions up until the start of Football not too long ago.

I was supposed to hang out with the executive staff tonight and continue to answer questions, but the altitude and the day is wearing on me — plus staying up late with The BAT last night was probably not terribly wise, but we kept out of too many shenanigans (See, Mom, I told you I would). Instead I bid my farewells to the crowd and told them I would be in early and would stay late tomorrow to talk more.

Here is to hoping that tomorrow is easy sailing and that Airport Security won't mind me trying o smuggle beer and bourbon in my luggage...


Dawn in Colorado

Dawn comes pretty fucking early in these parts... Welcome to 9,200 feet up in Keystone, Colorado. Check out some more of my photos here by clicking in the photos above or here.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In Colorado

Keystone Colorado morning

In Colorado for the week snapping photos and making a general fool of myself with the Locals.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Well, at least we can kick ass in a food drive

MU food drive

MU fans can at least rejoice in knowing that while our Football team might be in question and our basketball program was never a threat, we can run circle around everyone else in a charitable war.

MU's bin was chocked full. KU's had a 6-pack of Bud Light... I think the K-state fans thought it was a trash can as there was only a piece of sheet rock in their bin.