Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lesson learned


Something I did not know: I am allergic to bees. Well, not so much a physical bee itself. Rather, the sharp pointy end that exits from their bee butts.

We were clearing brush and logs that had been sitting for a couple of years in a ravine. As I pulled on log near hte bottom of hte pile, I apparently put my hand directly into a hive of pissed off bees.

I felt the first few stings on my legs, but by the time they made their way to my hand, I was running and swearing up a storm across the parking lot. My supportive family? Laughing at the spectacle that is me running and swearing at bees as they butt humped me with their ass stingers.

By the end of the ordeal I was swelling up and could only think of this Eddie Izzard bit too keep myself from passing out.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Internatioanl Space Station Part II

We thought we would get a good view of the International Space Station from western Jackson County. However, the station did not appear in the sky.

I did get some fun photos of the sunset and the stars. Here is to hoping that tonight we have better luck. Click here for more.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The pool has been bugged...

Sweet Jesus, this Cicada thing is terrifying up close.

< /30s >

Boulevard, Jack Stack and geek humor... this was a fantastic party.

My friend turned the big 4-oh! this week. To celebrate, his wife put together one hell of a party that involved TONS of Jack Stack meat, Boulevard Wheat and an outdoor screening of The Three Amigos and various other movies (North by Northwest was on the bill, but most could not stay up for a double feature.. we are talking about 40-year-olds).

Here is to the end of your 30s, Sean.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie night!

The city's parks and rec department has started screening free movies on Thursday nights to entertain (read: calm) the tired and unwashed masses of Independence, Mo.

Last night was Back To the Future both a classic and the best movie ever produced — ever. Argue with me on it... I dare you.

Anyway. I loaded up a grocery sack of popcorn and headed down with my counsin's kids in an attempt to teach a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old the theory of time travel and extol the virtues of not copping a feel on your relatives when you go back to 1955 to meet them.... it is just weird for all of us in the end.

The popcorn = big hit.

The movie, not so much. Seems the idea of traveling back in time to save your parents' soon-to-be marriage before your own existence is wiped out as represented by a 1985 movie was a bit much for their minds. Mind explosion? More like falling asleep on the blankets even before Marty could convince his dad to ask his mom out on a first date by acting like a space invader... like I said, Most Awesome Movie Ever.

I half expected the Independence Courthouse and clock tower in the background of the movie screen to be zapped with a lightening bolt as we watched the movie. But, alas, God does not have a sense of humor. At least not my sense of humor.

Another Royals Game

Could not have asked for better weather or company on this Royals outing. However, watching our team blow a three-run lead in the final few innings of the game we could have done without.

Geoff and my grandfather seemed to be bracing themselves for another big loss even before the National Anthem had been sung.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Illinois State

Satruday was breezy and cool as we wandered ye old university campus of Illinois State. Band campers and vollyball girls trickled from building to building on the mostly empty campus as Jon took us on a tour of the place.

Finally got to see Red Bird Arena and where Jon has been spending most of his days training and getting ready for the basketball season (which is still months away).

The campus itself is gorgeous and, while slightly smaller than MU, is still pretty interesting with its mix of old buildings, buildings constructed in the '70s and and some newer ones popping up all over campus.

The arena is awesome, even if it does look like a circus tent from the outside.

Catch more photos here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

STL Skyline

stl skyline

We tried to by-pass the madness that is STL rush hour by taking Interstate 370 to Interstate 270 around the city to the north. We still sat in traffic.

But it was worth it to stop near the banks of the Mississippi and look south to see this. The Arch is pretty visible along with some of the city's more prominent sections of the skyline. the foreground is nothing but fields and power lines.

Road Trip!

ISU redbirds

The car is packed and the camera loaded as Brother No. 2 and I head out this weekend to see Brother No. 3. It will be a nice change of the usual dirt shoveling and plant murdring I have been doing that past week.

I am not too sure what the little college town has to offer. This trip could either be a wild tear across the city, or it could just be the three of us playing video games and sitting around a lot. What ever direction the weekend goes, I am still pretty excited to get to head out and see the whole place firsthand.

Who really knows at this point what Bloomington-Normal has to offer. Not sure if BN3 is Big Man on Campus yet, hard to be popoular when most ofthe student body is still spending much of its summer break away from the school.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Booze on a plane

Well, Hell's Bells. We are an official website now, suckers

For five years I have been using this little blog as a place to vomit up thoughts, words, photos, links and whatever other non-sense I came across. For the most part it has been kind of a cluster-fuck of random postings and terrible timing.

Except for a few outlier posts, the stuff here has never been worth reading — unless you are just into depressing tales of lord know what...

But now we are working on all eight cylinders. We got the official domain name (set your RSS feeds to kill!) and plan on releasing some new stuff here in the next few weeks.

Kansas City is awash in news blogs, beer blogs, entertainment blogs, sports blogs. Now back in KC and here full-time, I am still testing somethings out trying to see what I can offer — then again, maybe I should stop caring and continue the online equivalent of flinging my poo on the walls.

Maybe you all can give me a little advice, tell me what you think and what you might like to see. Then again, maybe you all just want me to shut the hell up. Well, too bad, I paid my 8 bucks to get this domain and I damn well plan on abusing it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lee's Summit's fine landmarks.

Lee's Summit has made some interesting strides since I have been away. I mean, they are getting a Macy's. Seriously.

Still, no matter how many shopping malls of Buffalo Wild Wings they cram into their city limits, Lee's Summit will always be known to me as the The Dump.

We made quite a few trips to ye old City Dump (or Resource Recovery Park - as it is now called) this week as we started clearing out some brush and tree limbs. I was lobbying hard to just set it all on fire, but everyone else thought the City of Independence might frown on an open bonfire in the street.

I am kind of amazed at how much development and new homes have been built so close to the dump. I guess folks out south don't seem to mind the smell of rotting plants and vegetables in the morning.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who you gonna call?

Holy crap this is awesome.

Ecto I in all its Hallmark Ornament glory. Hallmark releases all their new ornaments for the year in a major publicity event that rivals a major university's Midmight Madness.

Mom had to buy three knowing my brothers and I might fight to the death over who would get to keep the ornament in the end. Yes, to the death.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell, originally uploaded by Ekey84.

At some point in the past year I signed up to be a part of the Rebel Yell Band of Rebels club. Well, it seems my membership has paid off. I received in the mail my official welcome letter, certificate, flask, membership card and bandanna. Awesome.