Thursday, December 31, 2009

Illinois State Roadtrip

Illinois State Roadtrip from Wednesday Weekly on Vimeo.

The roads are long and boring between KC and Blo-No as we travel for each Redbird home game. But Jon-Boy provides some entertainment and the basketball ain't too bad either.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow, snow, snow...

Noah wanders the wilderness

For three days it has snowed here. There is about a foot of snow on the ground — 9.6 inches according to the National Weather Service.

Although the plows have not quite made it to our part of town at all, we still managed to get out once to go sledding. Eventually, I will have to dig the truck out of the neighbor's front yard (where I parked it after running some last minute errands on Christmas Eve).

Backyard Cardinal

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Toys

Max 2009 from Mike Ekey on Vimeo.

My dog is regularly subjected to me testing out my new camera toys on him. With a foot of snow outside (and more still falling) we followed Max in his morning romp... wait, where are you going? OH, COME ON!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lego Advent Vol II, 12-24

Oh shit, readers. The Holiday Season caught up to me and made it impossible to post every single freaking day.

So here is a Mansas sized link dump of all the Lego sets we opened from this Advent Calendar.

day 24

Click here to see the whole set in its full Lego Glory.

Monday, December 21, 2009

500 strong and growing

Yes, dear readers, last week we finally hit 500 posts. We have actually stacked the shit THAT high in the Six years we have been jotting out insane thoughts and chronically my (probably) illegal ways of living for you.

But, instead of looking back and reminding you of the times we did this and that or posted something LEGO/Booze related, I am looking forward.

2010: Pig in the City. Back in the Habit. Dumb and Dumber-er

The Aughts are over and a new decade is beginning. Crack open that Bottle of Wine from 2004 - it's vintage now, bitches. Drink Straight from the Bottle and eat a slice of cheese you found in your pocket. Your First Time - GO!

So, what does all this gibberish mean for you, my lousy band of dunces? Who the hell knows. In fact, I probably won't even know until I wake up naked in some snowy field in Western Kansas after a week of holiday binge drinking (It would not be the first time... Seriously, Andy, and I am so sorry about that).

Really what the internet needs right now is another white, middle-class suburban guy shouting into the wind. Well, sign me up. Send over a double whiskey and coke and keep 'em coming until the house lights come up.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lego Advent Vol II, Day 11 and 12 (Special Delivery Edition)

Lego Day 11

Day 11: Off Road Go Cart for the mail man

Lego Day 12

Day 12: PRESENT!!!!

Day 10: Facial hair and man-purses are a big hit with Lego this year
Day 9: Brought to you by the Lego City Council
Day 8: Caution by the frozen pond
Day 7: Johnny Law and his oppressive 'stache
Day 6: A snowy lamp that I dare you to lick
Day 5: Ascot McGee gets a stand to sell his skates
Day 4: Lego loves a man in an ascot
Day 3: A sled for the Punk with balls of snow
Day 2: Snowman with sweet ascot
Day 1: Punk with balls of snow

That conversation got away from us.

A conversation in the garage as we got into the car.

"I need to get myself an ice scraper for the truck."

"Well, there is one right there at your feet you can use."

"Aren't you going to need it?"

"Well, I'm not spending the night at a girl's house where I have to park outside anymore."

"... A simple 'No' would have worked, too.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Take your Mini-fig to work day.


There is Take your daughter to work day. Take your son to work day. Take you dog to work day, even take your elderly senile father-in-law to work day.

But for those of us that have shunned the rest of humanity and instead found comfort in the tiny, yellow, plastic arms of our Lego Mini-Figs, Monday was for you.

Take your Mini-Fig to work day. Huzzah!

My day was a bit hectic as it was my first day at a new job; new clients, office, phone system cafeteria politics, etc. Still, he hung in there and managed to keep most all of my correspondence and meeting notes up to date.

Lego Advent Vol II, Day 7

Lego Day 7

Day 7: Johnny Law and his oppressive 'stache


Day 6: A snowy lamp that I dare you to lick
Day 5: Ascot McGee gets a stand to sell his skates
Day 4: Lego loves a man in an ascot
Day 3: A sled for the Punk with balls of snow
Day 2: Snowman with sweet ascot
Day 1: Punk with balls of snow

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Lego Advent Vol II, Day 4, 5 & 6 Weekend extravaganza!

Wild times here in Lego Advent Calendar Land. The weekend got a little hairy — what with Hockey, booze, and other "non-Christmas approved activities" since Friday. Tonight we are playing a little catch-up to update you on what came tumbling out of my Lego Advent Calendar.

And, if my numbers are correct, you brick-heads seem to LOVE this shit. So, I'll keep bringing the Lego pics and you keep passing it around.

Here is your weekend round up.

Lego Day 4

Day 4: Lego loves a man in an ascot

Lego Day 5

Day 5: Ascot McGee gets a stand to sell his skates

Lego Day 6

Day 6: A snowy lamp that I dare you to lick

Day 3: A sled for the Punk with balls of snow
Day 2: Snowman with sweet ascot
Day 1: Punk with balls of snow

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Lego Advent Vol II, Day 3

Lego Day 3

If the calendar hold to the same pattern as last year's, then every three days we will be completing a smaller set. I am expecting big things here on the next three days, Lego.

Day 3: A sled for the Punk with balls of snow
Day 2: Snowman with sweet ascot
Day 1: Punk with balls of snow

Monday, November 30, 2009

LEGO advent Vol II

Lego Advent

Once again, my Yule-headed readers, it is time to count down the day's to Santa's birth with a traditional LEGO Advent Calendar.

Get ready for daily updates on photos on what this box poops out onto my table for each day of the winter holiday. Much like last year.

As legend goes, these advent calendars date back to the days of Dinosaurs when Moses would ride from town to town on a T-Rex firing wildly into the sky with his Colt .45. Each blast of his magical gun/staff would cause millions of little plastic building blocks to rain down on the children becoming fun toys for the good children and choking hazards for the bad ones.

Friday, November 27, 2009

On the road again


My family does not plan holiday vacations.

No, we plan basketball road trips.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This seems appropriate...

funny graphs and charts
see more Funny Graphs

This caught my eye today. Seems rather poetic today considering I am heading into my first training session for my new job at a Community College.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Kan.

Cloudy in Bejing
Michael Kan is more than just a tourist in China. Still, he is not a native by any means.

Instead, the old sport is stuck in a strange in-between place where, as he says, he looks like everyone else, but still sticks out like a sore thumb.


Former roommate and co-worker from Ye Olde Paragraph Factory is blogging up a storm overseas as he documents his (mis)adventures through China. As a Chinese-American, himself, it was kind of like going home... that is if going home is like squeezing a square peg through a round hole.

Kan's insights into the country are just as amusing as his misconceptions.

He has written about The Olympics, the weather, the women and religion...I mean, how can you not read a post that starts with:

Today I may have done something illegal: I went to church.

With few resources and only his wits to guide him, Kan has done an amazing job of capturing the culture and even provides great photos from his travels and daily life.

What prompted me to share my love of this man's blog, though came when he wadded into why Obama's visit to China was... well, confusing for many...

...Obama came to China, holding a pretty lousy hand. Unemployment in America is in double digits, and the country is still struggling to start an economic recovery. Meanwhile China continues to chug along just fine, all the while still buying up American debt. If health care reform finally passes in the States, guess who will be the one to help finance it.

And Boom goes the Dynamite...

Seriously, if you are not already reading Kan's Blog, you are missing out on what this whole self-publishing medium is really about.
- But keep reading the crap the I post here too, please -

Friday, November 20, 2009

Suggestion from a student

The Bible Belt

"OK guys, really quick. Remember you can earn extra credit if you bring in snacks and soda for the tournament this weekend. But keep in mind, guys... if you are going to bring in baked goods or desserts they have to the kind that you can eat with your fingers..."

"... Oh, like cookies!..."

"... and cupcakes..."

"... And Brownies!..."

"... And Chicken Nuggets...?"


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where's Waldo?


Waldo is hidden in a land of astronauts and aliens.

Waldo is a little older and little worn down.

Waldo is now in an urban jungle.

Waldo has seen things...

Waldo is tired of questions about when he will get a "proper job" or "settle down."

Waldo is now hiding among Egyptian stone cutters.

Waldo dates a woman named Wendy who dresses EXACTLY like, what?

Waldo has an enemy — because traveling in absurd panoramas requires some kind of antagonist — named Odlaw... that's just Waldo spelled backward, jackass.

Waldo is now in a land of a thousand other Waldos...and dragons... that shit will fuck you up.

Waldo is trying to wrap his mind around why he is always hiding — and from whom...

Waldo is because you seek him.


Photos: Brandon Schultz
Insane words: Ah, hell, you know.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Say what you will about the policy decisions or tax implications in building a brand-spanking-new arena in the heart of TIF-Town Independence... did we really need it? Probably not.

Is some amazing architectural addition to the Independence sky-line? Not at all.

Was it fun to watch a fight break out in the first three seconds of play? Oh yeah.

hockey fight

Was watching the Missouri Mavericks beat the Wichita something-or-others in a shoot out bad ass? Hell yes, it was.

hockey GOAL

The small-town hockey team couldn't have asked for a better way to open the doors on its new home ice as they not only beat Wichita once, but twice in the weekend double-header.

Although hockey in Independence, and Kansas City for that matter, is still a little foreign, it was encouraging to see a sold out arena packed with people wearing old Blades jerseys, Blues jerseys and myriad others from around the NHL.

Granted, judging the success and failure of the arena cannot be measured in a single weekend (or week or month). The real test will be whether the Mavericks can keep up the wins and, in turn, keep the community behind them ... The Chiefs and The Royals are lucky enough to have some kind of legacy and can point to past success as a reason to keep them around.

hockey salute

I don't think the Mavericks will have that luxury.

Still, I'll be back... with more photos to come — of course.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lowered expectations

Wild week... and even wilder times are ahead of us, WW readers.

There was not one waking moment, I felt, that I was not moving, shaking or doing something to make a buck... this foul beast of a notion that I must be Making Da'Benjamins is going to slowly rot my soul.

A week of painting, construction, dealing with incompetent tech people, writing applications and being rolled over repeatedly by one of the worst insurance companies to date will all come to light in the coming week when I make a break for the door and hopefully can actually pen a lark or two here in this journal...

Or, i might go back to my old ways of just posting the most inane videos on the Inter-webs that I can find. Either way, it is a win-win situation for you all...

Today though, as Friday comes to a close and the Whiskey bottles are ripped open with my teeth, I leave you with this fun vignette between my Mother and myself ... this is almost as good as Shit My Dad Says... only with much much more disappointment in the end.



We had just gotten home from a weekend trip visiting my brother. A basketball player who made a joke about flirting with some of the gals that live near him.

This is the conversation between my Mom and myself in the car after that weekend.

"I hope you gave him some brotherly advice."

"Oh, of course... I told him to be careful when driving the lane... you know, taking it to the bucket strong..."

"MICHAEL! That is enough."

"Haha, Told him to be careful when he sets a pick..."


"Honestly, we were sure you were going to get a girl pregnant first out of the three of you..."

"...What? Why?"

"Well, just look at..."

"...look at what?"

"Never mind."

Monday, November 09, 2009

A reunion worth attending.

reunion group

Typically, reunions are not a fun affair.

It's awkward, embarassing and leaves you feeling a bit ashamed of those terrible life decisions you made ("Suuuure.... Good luck novel, Mike") Everyone in attendance is either lying about how successful their are, or lying about how fat they got in the last few years. But that usually is with High School or the Family reunions...

This past weekend, though, was not one of those reunions as my little old non-profit invited STRIPES alumni to come home, drink heavily and empty out their pockets to help out the organization one more time.

I loved this group back when I started as a lowly volunteer and kept with it until I became its director. So, it was great to go back and see everyone.

I'll have a full rundown and more notes tomorrow on the weekend, but for now enjoy this sweet line up of all the STRIPES Directors starting with the most recent on the left and going allllll the way back to its founder (right).

The Directors

Click the photos for more photos from the weekend.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...

BLAM! Nov 15 brings us the return of The Doctor. John Hodgman, according to his interview on KCUR yesterday, will be excited — maybe not as excited as I am, but excited none the less.

Friday, October 30, 2009

NaNoWriMo is FoSho


Folks, get ready to dress in all black and drink coffee non-stop. That's righ, It's decorative gourd season, motherfuckers! — which, in all honesty, means it is also National Write a Novel Month.

Break out the Moleskines and dust off you favorite literary plot twists ... like those secret 40-year-old dwarfs ... because this month I am writing a novel. A trope and work of literary genius that you sorry saps have never before seen. You will be so moved you will laugh, cry and gush blood from every orifice.

There will be action, booze, adventure, women, booze and intrigue... did I mention booze? Whiskey most likely.

Sure, I have subjected you to the rantings and ravings of one lone drunk here these past six years, but this will be different. Probably only because there will be less swearing... maybe.

To be honest, by the time Dec 1 rolls around I might actually find that I have nothing more than a 50K-word Wednesday Weekly post. But you jerks seem to enjoy that kind of painful treatment... and, well, I am not one to deprive my vapid audience of those pleasures.

Hell, if this project fails at least I can fall back on the fact that it is also No Shave November.

Remember this guy?


Sure you do. That mustache says, "Yeah, I've been naked in front of a camera..."

So who will join me and write a Novel — and grow a beard?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We need to talk.

It is rare that I come up from the basement to assault the rest of my family with questions. But when some of life's big pressing questions need answers, I must ascend and ask the masses.

"Hey, Mom, I have something I need to ask you."

"Sure, is everything alright?"

"Well, I was digging around in the basement ... and I found something."


"Anyway... I did not know what ...exactly, you know, you might be planning or if you even had plans or were going to use them. But, I found a bunch of unopened Lego sets downstairs ... old ones ... and ... can I open them?"

"Good god, Michael, I thought this was something serious."

"This IS serious..."

"You're an idiot. Yes, go play with the Legos."


Sunday, October 25, 2009

These bruises mean it was a good weekend.

In the morning it was morning and I was still alive.
Maybe I'll write a novel, I thought.
And then I did.


"I am going to get serious about writing again," said one writer to another.
"Were you ever serious about writing to begin with?" he said.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's in the Zeitgeist...

The Ghost Busters have been floating in the ether these past few weeks. I assume it has something to do with Halloween — ghosts and all the non-sense.

OR maybe it has something to do with Bill Murray being the funniest human being alive.

"Any regrets?"

"Well, Garfield, I guess..."

Either way, this clip of a dude with too much time on his hands — and an affinity for puppet monkeys — made me pee little with laughter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The book you are reading is just frightening..."


She offended me from the second she cleared her throat to get my attention.

"You should know not to read that in public, right?"

I had been reading Naked Lunch for just more than a week both privately and publicly but had never been hassled for so much as bending on the spine on the book. But I guess I should have expected as much sitting in a library deep in the heart of Red State Kansas.

From the second the old bird opened her mouth I knew she had no idea what she was talking about. She only knew the title meant something Bad.

She had heard of the title from her fellow compatriots and God-fearing citizens as they would rally around bon-fires stoked with books and other items deemed Un-American garbage.

The book was originally published in France... So I guess she had a point.

But we have already jumped the gun and gotten off point.

I have spent the last few weeks reading some of the dregs of the literary world. Diving into pages of some of the most twisted and irresponsible human beings to ever publish the written English language.

From Vonnegut to Burroughs, I am now tromping through the latest tale of Gonzo with HST's transcribed interviews in the Ancient Gonzo Wisdom. The advanced copy was forwarded to me from my "Friend on the inside" in the publishing kingdom.

Still, I am afraid with so much tale of drugs, sex and rock and roll, I might need to find something a little...tamer for my next read. Then again, maybe not.

So Wednesday Weekly readers I am seeking recommendations. Preferably Fiction... don't disappoint me... you already have so many times in the past.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My genius is staggering... my spelling? not so much.


A friend of mine was deleting friends on her MyFaces... As part of the process I decided to submit a small proposal as to why I should not be eliminated from her Friend Fiefdom.

I think my argument is quite valid. I am the perfect friend for all things that Facebook is used for.

And so it starts...

Illinois State Basketball locker room

Practices officially started this weekend at Division 1 basketball schools all across these great United State of America.

As baseball winds down (thank god) and Football is becoming an utter disappointment, I am glad basketball is right around the corner.

I already have rooms booked for me for many of the Illinois State games at home. I get the feeling the drive between Bloomington-Normal and KC is going to become a very familiar trip very soon.

Check here for more photos coming in November.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Idea.

Some have floated the idea that I should teach elementary school.

This is what Hunter S. Thompson has to say:

"Getting into rumbles without having any idea what you're doing is dangerous. I did it, but I learned. There are some basic rules. For one thing, any crowd or gang can murder you—no matter what kind of crowd. A crowd of schoolgirls can kill you."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The NBA in KC was OK

Sprint Center

The NBA (read: two former KU players and a K-state player) was at the Sprint Center Thursday night under the guise of "Look, everybody, an NBA team CAN survive in KC!"

It was interesting to see and was heavily attended — by the press. I know the hoopla was going to be fairly tepid since it was not only a Thursday, but also the same night as a baseball playoff game AND college football on The TV.

Still, the place did look fairly packed with "fans" by halftime.

Not sure how accurate the 17,611 attendance total was when it was announced considering some of the people I talked too in the upper rafter seats said they bought tickets after the game started on the street for only $10 bucks.

I doubt the NBA could guarantee a $10 ticket price if we did get a team and I HIGHLY doubt they could even pull in that kind of engaged crowd without half the players on the court being from the area already...

Chalmers 2

Chalmers wearing 6 and Dwayne Wade in the background.

Click here for more photos from the night.

Saturday, October 10, 2009



Seems the only time I ever go to church anymore is when someone gets married. Even then it is only because of the promise of food, booze and bridesmaids...

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Soldiers Field

Soldiers Field Veterans wall

ROCHESTER, Minn. — The Soldiers Field Veterans Wall is one of the few attractions in this hospital-centric town. My tour of Rochester included a driving tour of the city and its restaurants as well as a walking tour of the massive medical complex that is the Mayo Clinic.

But this was the only place we really even got out and walked through.

The smoothed granite walls hold the names of every person from Rochester who died in a U.S. war/conflict from as far back as the Civil War.

We didn't know anyone so we were just there killing time before our next appointment.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

These Kabobs are not to be trifled with


At the crack of dawn we loaded into a sporty mini-van and made our way to the asphalt fields of Arrowhead Stadium to begin the weekly tradition of grilling meats and drinking at an ungodly hour of 8 a.m.

We had never been there, but those around us... teeming with experience... knew all to well that the tailgate, those few precious hours before the game started, was the only highlight to this Football Sunday.

At the helm of the grill we feasted on steaks and scallops, Shrimps and bacon. Then washed it all down with our Whiskey Teas and Gin Fizzes (because straight whiskey is never a good idea that early in the morning).

For more on the mayhem that is a tailgate, click here. If you are looking for good game photos. Tough.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mr. Travis McGee, III, esq.

Travis McGee

My brother is studying at K-State to be an architect. Despite his terrible choice in schools, he seems to be enjoying it. He can also impress the pants off anyone looking for a fight when it comes to putting together a sweet model home.

Here Travis McGee stands on the veranda of his swamp home looking into the sunset. Click here to find others from out K-State adventure.

Sunday, September 20, 2009



Well, the Royals can't give us a winning season, but at least they can give us a sweet appreciation party.

Friday night was the team's chance to shuffle their feet in the dirt as they stare at their shoes and apologize for another abysmal season. However, for this collective apology known as "Fan Appreciation Day" they provided some amazing BBQ, fried chicken and $3 beer. There technically was no game as the Royals were playing in Chicago, so fans had the run of the entire stadium.

I'll give Dayton Moore credit. He had the stones to come out at one point in the evening and take questions for a good 30 mins about why The Royals sucked so hard this season...

Check out all the pictures from the evening here.

Dayton takes questions

Saturday, September 19, 2009



I am always impressed with how the iPhone camera manages to take some interesting photos. This was taken while I was standing midfield during the Ultimate Frisbee tournament at the Jr. High School...

No questions...just enjoy the photo.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my co-worker and I

Max sleeps

My co-worker and I have a great relationship. We spend most the day goofing off and napping — when there is not pressing work to be done... Then I am doing most the work and he continues to hold down the fort on the napping front (Like a boss).

The days are ours to run the house as we see fit. But at night we find things a little more crowded.

Tonight, though was a perfect night a drive around Eastern Jackson County. He and I loaded in the pick-up truck and cruised the abandoned roads the crissed-crossed this terrible county.

The weather was just right to cruise the roads with the windows down bellowing music... the wind fighting for top billing over the sound coming from the speakers. My elder co-worker is deaf, so all that matters is the cool breeze hitting him in the face.

We were cocooned in the cacophony of sound, but those outside community could hear us coming from miles away.

It was a good time to be alone — even with someone else in the truck.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

That's a paddlin'

Eye on Springfield.

Today begins my first official day of as a Temporary Teaching Assistant (Read: Sub). Sure, you might have heard of my first foray into the world of subbing when I spent the day with a class of pre-K children playing Dump Truck and The Animals Take Over The Doll House — this was heavy stuff we were covering that day.

I suspect, though, that today working with High School students is going to involve a little more than The Bean Bag Song and a reading of The Alphabet Mystery...

Then again, it might not...