Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back in Brooklyn... or am I?

See... How could I get a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge without, in fact, being in Brooklyn?

I ran into some friends from the KC area over the "Christmas Break" and suddenly a conspiracy the size of the Grassy Knoll began to unravel...

"You don't actually live in NY, do you? You just say that so you don't have to hang out with us."

Granted, I am a lying shit of a human and a plot like this is not outside of my capacity. I have run into friends from KC on several occasions over the last two months while visiting home. I am curiously still listed as a contributor to several news outlets in the area.


The biggest indicator; Harry's has not yet closed. Lord knows I expected them to fold in a month after I left town and took my outrageous weekly bar tab with me.

Hell, maybe there is a one-armed man out there keeping them afloat.

Maybe I did not actually move to NY... Maybe the Loch Ness Monster and swamp gas have opened some kind of a worm hole that allows me to exist in both places.

Operation: Living in Brooklyn Conspiracy continues!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

99 Billion souls saved

Because nothing say Praise Jesus like a Big Mac with a discount. Caught this deep in the bible belt of Springfield, Mo.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The internetz will save us all.

This video hits a little close to home. If I poured one out for every friend who has been bought-out, laid off, fired, reassigned, downsized and shit-canned, then I would not have any booze left myself—period.

The best part is that some of these lyrics were parts of actual memos that went out to KC Star Employees in the last few years.

It's a bit ironic that starting Jan. 1, I will be editing a booze blog out in NYC. Wave of the Future! The thing has been stalled since Oct 5, but hopefully starting 2009 this thing will go full-time.

Merry Christmas, you sad sad industry.

(Thanks, Mel)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

He already flies like a Redbird.

Jon Ekey had an impressive game Saturday night against cross-town rival Truman High School. With more than a dozen points, a handful of rebounds and three MASSIVE SWATS (as seen above) he looked like he was ready to hit the Illinois State court that night.

Granted, Chrisman had to swallow a pretty tough loss — 74-68 — of which I can attribute directly to bad coaching and terrible bench management.

For more photos of the debacle check out the flickr biz.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowday in Brooklyn

It snowed on Tuesday and it was glorious. Although city snow is a bit different than that country snow we are all so used to.

While the deck was all covered in snow and awesome in its Christmas Light glory, the street also had its own shine.

Of course, if I mention Brooklyn and Christmas in the same sentence , I am legally required to also share with you this awesome (slightly racists) Brooklyn Carol sung by all the chuds here in Brook-a-leen.

Jig-itty-jig, It's Dominick the Donkey!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Watchmen

I was a little worried when I heard a while back this comic was going to be made into a movie. Granted, It was announced back when I also heard another Hulk movie was in production and that a new Thor movie was going to be made.

But after seeing this trailer I am pretty sure this movie is going to rock my face off.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

P-A-R-T, Why?

Because this is the one time of the year we come together and celebrate the birth of Santa Clause...

Because the newspaper industry is dying and taking down everyone in its path...

Because we needed some excuse other than 'I am unemployed' to drink...

Because we had so much alcohol in the house we knew we had to get rid of it somehow. So we are sharing with you rubes...

Merry Office Party! Here is a vertical snap shot of my fridge before this blessed event.


View Larger Map

To get ready for our party and to complete the Christmas Shopping, there are a few tasks around the city that needs to be accomplished.

This would not be remarkable at all except that I am being given the keys to a car and sent on my own circuit of tasks...

I will go no further than 15 miles from my apartment, but Google Maps says this lap around Manhattan will take me close to an hour — and that does not include actually stopping to run said errands.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Lego Advent Calendar Rocks Day 10, 11 & 12

Lego Advent, after three days of interesting choices, this week ramped it up a notch (pronounced Nawtch) with its mini-set.

The rhythm of this calendar took me a second to figure out:

One Day of Mini-fig.
One Day of small set that goes with mini-fig.
One Day of larger set that goes with mini-fig.

So I was ready for something big after the disapointing Firefighter/Cat trio. This week's Three-Set has so far been the best of the Calendar.

Mini-Dom DiFara and his amazing pizza...

Although, after hearing the Brooklyn Dom actually takes the pizzas out with his bare hands, I am beginning to think that the pizza paddle is one of those "extra" pieces.

So he is the Mid-Cal Wrap up...

Day 1: Man with Turkey Leg.
Day 2: Grill with fire (foreground, fuzzy).
Day 3: Table with cup and skillet.
day 4: Girl with Ice Cream.
Day 5: Cooler and Umbrella.
Day 6: Ice Cream Cart with Ice Cream Float
Day 7: Fire Fighter
Day 8: Tree with Cat
Day 9: Ladder (I think...)
Day 10: Mini-Dom - Pizza Master
Day 11: Table with two pizzas
Day 12: Pizza Oven
Day 13: ???

The whole gang.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lego Advent Update!

Day 1: Man with Turkey Leg.
Day 2: Grill with fire (foreground, fuzzy).
Day 3: Table with cup and skillet.
day 4: Girl with Ice Cream.
Day 5: Cooler and Umbrella.
Day 6: Ice Cream Cart with Ice Cream Float
Day 7: Fire Fighter
Day 8: Tree with Cat
Day 9: Ladder (I think...)
Day 10: ???

True to Lego form there is also a handful of "extra" pieces that come with the sets... I am sure we will come up with something fun at the end of this adventure...

Chuck E. Cheeze still rocks...

There is a Chuck E. Cheeze just down the street from me here in the old NYC.

I have loved this place since it was called Showbiz Pizza with the amazing Rock-a-Fire Explosion band...

Here is just one more reason to love the overly garlic pizza and creepy arcade games. The usually stuffy Wall Street Journal gives us an article that reads like a prime-time COPS episode.

I did not even know they sold beer. I need to get back there sometime.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas is a commin'

That's right, blog-boobs, the holiday spirit has hit the Temple of Gonzo NYC. Break out the Yule Logs and deck the walls with thousands of flammable lights. It's Christmas Time!

Now, I have been on really good behavior and not entered into my usual Griswold-esque mentality of creating an electrical deathtrap here in Brooklyn. I think LJ got a little worried when I commandeered the Johnson Family Tree at Thanksgiving and added my usual lighting flair... 5,000 lights on a 12-foot tree is normal, right?

But as demure as she hopes this holiday time to be, I still managed to squeeze a nice tree and other items in the apartment to begin celebrating the birth of Santa. Now I will begin my secret campaign of jamming hundreds of strings of Christmas lights all over the place...

Rockefeller Center's got nothing on this tree...

We are also five days into the Lego Advent Calendar my cousin got for me this season. Thus far we seem to be putting together a nice summer picnic scene...

Day 1: Man with Turkey Leg.
Day 2: Grill with fire (foreground, fuzzy).
Day 3: Table with cup and skillet.
day 4: Girl with Ice Cream.
Day 5: Cooler and Umbrella.
Day 6: ???

I can't decide if I should open my Advents doors early since I will be out of town this weekend or just wait until Monday and get a flurry of Lego parts!

UPDATE: These guys are right in our backyard...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hint hint

If nobody gets me this for Christmas then my Holiday Extravaganza 2008 will be ruined.

I have had fruit cake and I am one of the few that thinks it is actually pretty delicious (unless you make it with apricots, then you are just a terrorist).

Everyone needs one of these... Ghost of Christmas Future demands it. I will ad it to my Advent Lego Calendar that my cousin got me to tick down the days until Christmas.

So far the Lego toys that have come tumbling out have been magnificent. The first three days are a little camping scene. Get ready for lots of photos of Lego days each week.