Friday, November 28, 2008

I am thankful for ...

de bow bow...

Oh yeah!

If this does not make you question what you have done with your life, then watch it again until your eyes bleed. Then watch It's Always Sunny to heal those wounds...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Driving this beast of a city

Today I had a couple of jobs I had to complete around the city. Instead of taking the train, as I have been for the past couple of weeks, I took the car and drove it all over the place.

Driving in this is city, while daunting if you don't know where you are going, is one hell of a good time. Get behind the wheel and floor it or you will get left behind at each stop light.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jon signed last week, but I am jsut now getting back to this crappy blog

The Wednesday Weekly

Jon towers over his Illinois State signing table last week.

This all happened two weeks ago and I am just now getting to it all. I have to say while it was not the best of circumstances that brought me back to the city, I was still really glad I got to be there to see him sign.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not all cyclists are dirty hippies.

Holy Shit!

The Martini Shaker mixes up on hell of a clip that ... well, I needed a moment alone after watching this clip. Keep in mind this is for all those kids who played Guitar Hero until they went blind of got a severe case of carpel tunnel syndrome.

Oh fuck...was that KISS?

You have to watch it a few times to really get how detailed these kids got when it came to acting this song out... all the way down to the number of notes hit consecutively...


Monday, November 10, 2008

Installing a new floor

We were supposed to be installing a new hardwood floor in the duplex apartment near the old downtown.

My grandfather and I were looking down at our shoes at the planks below them trying to figure out what we were going to do.

"So how do we want do this?" I asked.

"We'll do it the easy way first because your grandma will be in here soon and will find some way to do it better than us," he said as if he had already told himself this a thousand times.

And so two guys went to work, not taking the easy way, as it had been suggested, knowing in a few hours the boss would still be by to tell us how to fix properly.

And that is who my grandmother truly was.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Chocolate Show

Spent most the weekend at the NY Chocolate Show, one of the most decadent and depraved showings in modern America.

What exactly does this mean? It means a dozen model got dressed in chocolate. Yes, Chocolate clothing. Think edible underwear — but all over.

I got a chance to see it all firsthand in its gluttonous and ridiculous glory. Although, I have to say the superhero theme was rather nice. We all know you had fantasies of Lucy Lawless and Batgirl...throw in some chocolate clothing and suddenly it's.... well, i need a moment.

I spent most the night sneaking pieces of costume to eat and then dolling out beating to the jackass New York press corp that had gathered to cover this event for, what I assume Don K would call "The women's pages."

Still pretty neat by the end of everything.

Some photos from the show taken by the staff photographer I hung out with for the night.

Some Frequently asked questions:

Yes, it is all made of chocolate in some form.
Yes, those Tommy guns and the "Biff" and "Zowie" signs are chocolate too.
Ironman is indeed a guy and also bad ass.
The CBS Morning News Anchor who MCed the whole show is a total tool bag

Click on the photos for more models dripped in delicious delicious chocolate.

p.s. - I wanted to work this in, but it fell through the cracks until now. The NY Press Corp is a wild pack of hedonistic fuckbags who would not know they up side of a shit stick if it poked them in the eye. In other words, I'm done with all of them.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New York responds to an Obama victory

UPDATE: Someone had a camera and caught the celebration on my block - check out all his photos here.

There are more here by minicloud.


The cheers came down the street like a wave of energy that was ready to demolish anything that stood in its way.

Hundreds of people were streaming from their homes, bars, coffee shops and other nooks around Brooklyn to fill the streets to dance and yell and cheer the news that had just come across.

Obama wins.

No matter your political persuasion (be it as retarded as it may) you have to admit that watching several hundred people packed into one city block dancing, and writhing through the night as they ride the high and mighty wave of this election is pretty powerful stuff.

I only regret that I did not have a camera. Despite their yelling, their chanting and wild yells into the darkness, you never once felt like things were going to turn ugly.

These were not the dim Philly fans who trashed their own town after winning the world series. These people were genuinely elated and could not contain themsleves every time a car would drive by honking or someone would start up once again chanting "Yes we can." They were happy and that feeling would not wear off and take them to bed until dawn when the first papers would hit the street and people knew it was not a dream.

Brooklyn had people shooting off roman candles and fountains that we usually let the toddlers play with at the Fourth of July, but with each five-foot-tall burst of sparks and crackles the crowd would let out a wild primal cheer announcing they had finally won. For once, and possibly the last, time in their lives they felt like they walked away ahead in this game.