Thursday, December 20, 2007

God bless America.

Only in this fine country.

The letter was left on my kitchen counter after a regular night of drinking.

To all:
I am not sure if either of you have ever experienced the distinct pleasure of spending the night in a small puddle of you own vomit. I hadn't until last night.
I'm not sure what cosmic alignment of the stars induced all of that (first urf in four years), but be that as it may, I took the liberty of taking a few of the affected items for cleaning. I will return them tonight.
I believe the couch proper to mostly be unaffected. I will come tonight prepared to clean any spots I missed in the early morning.
Thanks for putting up with all of this.
- Lineman #33243
The Paragraph Factory.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

No time to lose

Sorry for the long delay in posts, kids.

The last two weeks have been crazy and already I feel behind. Behind in a good way, though.

When the snow started to fall I thought it would be neat to take some snow photos. This one I snapped from my desk in my new office - sexy, eh?