Saturday, June 10, 2006

Feel the energy

Sitting in the grass of hte Fort Osage football field, I was disapointed at my newspaper.

I had gone to this all-night marathon walk becasue the paper I work for now was a major sponsor. They were advertising nad had signs and information about us all over the palce - but no one from the paper was actually there.

I was there covering the event, people kept asking if I was the only one there to reprsent the only major daily in Easter Jackson County - KC Star is too self-invovled in KC to care about the suburbs.

It was not until roughly 8 p.m. that our another reporter even showed up.

I know we don't do a lot of things right, but it was just sad to think that we could not muster enough people to sit at a fundraiser for cancer research.

I had always believed that hte strength of a newspaper relied on its own community invovlment - its abilty to be a leader and a force - but it was obvious that this was not happenending here tonight.

I was a strong proponetn that to do well in any situation, I needed a good base of energy. A place, person of casue to draw my own abilty to function.

In Columbia, I had my friends, my attorney, my editor, the Maneater, STRIPES, etc. I was afraid that I would not have that anymore - that hte energy had dried up after the death of HST or the day we all graduated from the last chapter.

Despite all of that, as I was sitting midfield watching cancer survivors, their family, friends and supports circle the track, I knew that whatever I wanted accomplish at this paper was going to have to be self derived.

There was no attorney goading me on anymore, no insane boss. Now I was sitIting next to a reporter who is quitting in two weeks and another who does not seem to enjoy his own job.

It's an odd dynamic I find myself in right now. I feel a good energy waitning ot be tapped, but it has nothing to do with the people around me.

I can only imaigne what will happen when I moveo ut of the old compound and into my own bureau of gonzo.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The biggest small town you have ever seen.

Sure Reno might have a lock on that quaint little catch phrase, but it sure as hell belongs right here in Independence.

Only in this town can you be related to two city council memebers, have your grandparents be life-long best firends with the mayor, realize the director of the health department live across the street from you and be recognized by name at jsut about every city event - maybe that is just me

This is not about popularity or the fact that I have a mother who is active in the board of education or that my brothers are bizarlly well-known atheletes in town, but it is still baffling that in a town of 115,000, I can be recogized in some form as I cover an event for the newspaper here.

I know, a lot has happened in the past three months. I appologize for not posting, but there was a lot of things going on - including graduation, girlfriend, and getting a job.

Things looked a little bleak there for a while - well mostly in my mind. I thought maybe I might be stuck in Columbia, serving drinks or woking at Eastgate along side my attorney.

But that was three months ago. Today is very different.

I'm now bringing my own stlye of Gonzo journalim - shamelessly stolen from the good Doktor - to the dry and broing lives of the Independence City Hall employees - most of which are either related to me or have watched my brothers play sports.

It's only been one week and I already know this is going tobe good. Massive developments, a new mayor, crime and death in the west side - iut has all the makings of a straight-to-video movie.

Some of the other reporters and editors did joke today at lunch what it would be like if the Examiner newsroom had a sitcom based on the people who work there.

It would be something like Survivor meets Mary Tyler Moore...itg makes sence in my head and that is all that matters.

Well, kids, I can tell I have become a little rusty, very boring and more of a freaking weirdo in the time that I have not posted here. But there are no more death threats to jackass cowboys or self-depricating commetns of death or some rot like that.

That, I hope, is done, I am busy now and away from some of the bad vibes that permeated the air in Columbia.

One of hte sports editors who went to MU said it best, "Now that I am out, I am glad I only have to visit."

Insanity is still a big part of my own advnetures, its jsut going to be a different kind of insanty - an adult and more wicked kind of insanity.

This is going to be good.

Then again, you could probably have figured that out so far.