Monday, November 21, 2005

Being horribly offensive.

Sometimes when my good friend and I get together and talk, we find ourselves being far more offensive than normal human beings...

(Talking about the two high-ranking editors at the local newspaper and how they both have blogs)

BB: So maybe I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to Missouri politics as I find myself tempted to send Jim Robertson an e-mail to correct his blog--he turned Jetton into the House Majority Leader.
LH: sir, you might be a little over obsessive
LH: i have yet to be interested enough in that mans blog
LH: at least messenger is a freak and takes some really bizarre positions on things, but robertson seems far too boring
BB: I hate Tony Messenger so I barely have the stomach to get through his column much less his blog.
BB: I'm still pissed at Messenger because he used his whale ass to shove me out of his way and get the story I was going after.
LH: was that the cheney event?
BB: Yeah, I take it I've bitched about it to you?
LH: yes, sir.
BB: Well, at least I'm consistant.

(after a long converation about the Libby Indictments, Judith Miller and how Mauren Dowd probably feels left out in this whole female martyardom of journalists.)
BB: Yeah, good point. Just fuck Marueen once to get her to shut up.
LH: ha
LH: that might be it, she just has not gotten laid
LH: fuck her until she votes republican
LH: i dont know who would be tortured more
BB: Honestly, that would be the short version of a lot of the reviews of her book.
BB: She's not getting laid so she decided to justify why men aren't needed as they seem to pick their hand over her.
BB: I can tolerate her for a little bit, but she gets so shrill.
LH: id like to see that headline on a column of hers "Mastubate vs Mauren, you know who the winner is."
BB: hahaha
BB: That's why she's pissed at Judith Miller. Scooter rode the Miller train uptown over her.
LH: Haha
LH: Judith Miller got passed around like the village bicycle at the defense department
LH: that is why she wanted tocover WMDs so much
LH: might explain the security clearance too
BB: Her big concern were heat-seeking missles.
LH: and herpes
BB: Well, you have to watch out for biological warfare.
LH: ha
BB: Maureen Dowd sleeping around the CIA and DOD contaiminating Miller's men with her seeds of destruction.
LH: making them all soft and afraid of war with her sweet, liberal, anti-bush pillow talk
BB: touche my friend.
LH: then we might see the first female president - or dictator - or sex slave driver, who knows. if women figure out how to use this sex thing against men in the military we are all doomed
BB: Well, we survived Hillary, right?
LH: like i said, if WOMEN figure this sex thing out
BB: Ah, good point.

(same conversation line, now moving to state politicans. We always had a running joke that Hanaway - the former speaker of the house was trying to eat rep. Chuck Graham.)
BB: So does that mean Catherine Hanaway has a shot at the White House down the road?
BB: Hanaway hungry. Feed me votes.
LH: as long as she can feed of the immobile corpse of chuck graham
BB: The next Terri Shivo?
LH: Hanaway approves stem cell research for former collegue Chuck Grham
LH: when asked why she said, "I like the thrill of a good hunt"
BB: hahaha
BB: Graham who responded with a "squeak, squeak" declinded to elaborate.

It's is probably best we are not in the same area of the country.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Breaking into your apartment

"Coulter is willing to throw his love all over the place." she said. "While you don't want to throw you love to anyone. What is wrong; you afraid?"
-Amanda, talking about relationships - not sex.

"She said it's hard for me to see how one little boy got so ugly. Yes, my little girly, that might be, but there ain't nobody who can sing like me. Ain't nobody who can sing like me. Way over yonder in the Minor Key"
-Woody Guthrie

Damn it. I tired to explain why these two went together and how it related to my past weekend. But I could not do it without embarassing myself or making my life seem like some kind hole. Also it made refrence to people who probably do not want to find themselves in this fourm being talked about in such as way. Ask me about this, I might tell you.