Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My blog is boring...

Sorry, it has been a while since I ahve posted here. Most of that is becasue I do nothave internet access at the my palce of residence in the good ole' Cape Cod, and I feel guilty blogging at work at the newspaper.

Well, today I am sitting in the back corner of the Falmouth bureau - i was here to cover something that ended up not happening. Now, I do not feel as bad sitting her pretending to work when I know nobodywil lcome back here and bother me; nobody knows me, why should they come back here. make this exciting. So the first couple of weeks here has been a real mind trip. I find myself smack dab in the middle of one of the largest summer parties ever created in these United States. The beaches are full of people willing to offer their beer or bong a mixed drink. Only the second night I was here I met this group of kid from New Hampshire who had jsut gotten out of school and were drinking and setting off fire works.

This palce really is the palygroun of th erich kids. It did not take long for me to get into the swing of thing. Seriosuly, pop your collar (kill me) and walk onto any random beach and you can instantly find a group of drinking buddies.

The fact that I don't have to actually report to work until 10 a.m. gives me plenty of time to sober up and get ready for another night of beachfront carousing.

One night this group from New Jersery had apparently brought there boat up top the cape and were planning on setting sail and drinking until the sun came up. It was a damn hoot. With a hibatchi rolling a fire and late night skinny dipping episode, I find myself wondering what exactly will bring me back to Columbia.

Granted, this is all on the weekdays. On the weekend, much of hte partying is confined to the bars and night clubs where I have spent much of my time...

Well, if i don't kill myself on my own, then I am sure the group of hell's angle-like bikers I met last saturday night will when I have to tell them that I am leaving in August.

Trust me, with little time here I dont feel I have done it justice, but I will give you more updates in the future. right now it is 5 p.m. here - happy hour. Can't lets the sports department down and miss that appointment.