Sunday, March 20, 2005


On religious girls: "You got to look out for them. Once they get pregnant, they stay pregnant."

Saturday, March 19, 2005

What the Bucknell?!

Well, if you didn't think God was dead, then Friday's game of KU vs. Bucknell should prove it. A pathetic dispaly of athletics and sportsmanship on the side of the fame Jayhawks. While it is expected of our shitty Mizzou Basketball team to go out in the first round NIT, it was a total slap in the face for KU to do so in the NCAA.

We as MU fans might, for some unknown reason, be hung up on this prissy asshole of a coach Quinn Snyder, but Bill Self actually has/had talent as a coach. We expect Quinn to suck. KU atleast had a reason to think they could win this year.

This is really an odd year, thought, for basketball. Roy Williams could very well take the entire tourny (his first after about three atempts in the past). And Illinois could also very well do the same.

It would be very werid to see the former KU coach or the former team of the current KU coach win the national tournament after they were knocked out in round one.


Friday, March 18, 2005

Get me the Fuck out of here

Holy fucking christ.

There is no other way to tell you how happy I am to finally be on Spring Break. It had to have been a conspiracy hatched by some of the most deviant minds that brough four midterms two papers and a head cold on me all at once.

I don't even want to mention the shit the people decided to dump on me dealing with STRIPES and god knows what else that I have not even begun to look at or work on.

It was quite the sight to see thousands of people leaving Columbia in droves. The entire town seemed to cough up every student that was still around and shoot them to the remote locations of Flordia, Panama Beach and other cliche spring break location.

I, on the other hand, will be traveling to Colorad with my family and former high school teachers to enjoy a week of skiing and intelectual enlightenment.This week, is my week. Loaded with a newsly aquired collection of Kurt Vonegut and Jack Karouack novels.

My quest to Be Gonzo is now progressing to the next step. After studying Hunter S Thompson nad his works it is now time to move to those who inspired him. There is no way I could copy the Thompson style. Any atempt, as I have seen already, comes off hookey and foolish.

So, this week will be my attempt to find my own style. It will draw, undoubtedly from Thompson, Karouack, and other along that same line, but it will become my own.

This a week long test run will then, hopefully, be refined this summer at a fun internship somewhere. As it stands right now, I am a finalist with the Cape Cod Times in the Northeast. It would be the perfect place to try for a good style that could define my own writing.

I am probably jsut being pretntious, but it will be fun. So, screw you all. Im goingot have fun and ski and read and not worry a damn bit about school or anything else.

It will be good.